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Hey! it’s Tiffany, I’m here today to talk a little about low thyroid. Low thyroid is one of the topics that a lot of people don’t know that they have the problem. They don’t realize that it can be related to a lot of the symptoms that they might have or may be experiencing. It’s quite common actually. 1 out of 5 women and 1 out of 10 men have a thyroid problem. That’s about 30 million women and 15 million men. Unfortunately, about half of them are not even diagnosed and they don’t even know that.

They have a thyroid problem, which is way too many people out there suffering needlessly with symptoms that can be addressed. We all know the symptoms too. they are common symptoms (they are nothing crazy). feeling tired, constipated, hair loss, low libido, memory problems, depression, feeling cold all the time. they are very common symptoms. That’s one of the problems too. The symptoms can be vague or can be subtle and they go undiagnosed or they are blamed on other problems when in reality they all can be just one common underlying cause, which.

Is low thyroid. So low thyroid affects the quality of life and it really does get worse if it’s not properly addressed. There is too many people suffering from it, it’s not being diagnosed or treated properly, and a lot of that comes down to your not running the right tests. Most of the time they are going to run a TSH which is thyroid stimulating hormone. Maybe if you are lucky they are going to run a T4 but really there are about 10 markers that need to be checked for anyone that is expected to have a thyroid problem.

So if those are not being run then the real problem is easily missed. I think that’s what’s happening with a lot of people is that they are just not getting diagnosed properly. The good news is that when you do figure out the underlying root causes of your problem then they can be addressed naturally and effectively. That’s when we really start to see the problems and the symptoms go away. People start to feel better, they start to feel like themselves again for the first time in years.

So if you or anyone you know suspect that you have a thyroid issue I really urge you to address it now before it starts to control your life. That’s just coming from so many patients tell me they wish they would have just listened to their body a little bit sooner and got the help sooner because there is no need to just keep wondering if you have a problem and there is no need to be suffering from it. There is absolutely a better way to address low thyroid. centerforintegrativehealth (805) 5567200.

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Hey my friend! Drew Canole. We are on the way to meet one of my good friend and I want to bring you with me. You see, my friend Jim is a traditional Chinese medicine and he understands functional medicine so he looks at the whole body as this awaken machine and once we know how to turn it on then it can literally heal from the inside out. What we’re talking about today is thyroid health and it’s an epidemic that’s plaguing the modern world as we know it and if you’re experiencing any thyroid condition or you’re thinking maybe you have some of the symptoms, I wanted to bring you with me and introduce you to my good buddy Jim so that you and I could really get to the bottom of this because when.

I say we’re in this together, you know I mean it. So let’s go meet Jim. I’m with Jim Chialtas here in sunny San Diego. He’s my acupuncturist and he wanted to give some of his time to you today to help us understand this epidemic that’s happening throughout the world and that is thyroid health. So he’s a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, two kids, loves life in San Diego, getting out in nature. He’s a true FitLifer so he’s here. He’s gonna help us today. Thanks for coming up my man. Thanks for having me. So one of the questions we ask everyone in the community is why do you do what you do? Well I have a fascination with human health my whole life for sure and as I got into practicing.

I have really seen a huge problem with general energy and kind of productivity in happiness in life really. That’s what I like to offer as best as I can. Yep. Getting function back and giving people ability to enjoy their lives. And you’ve spent over 15 hundred hours helping people in acupuncture specifically before you became… Correct. It was about 15 hundred hours master’s degree which is approximately a four year degree after college. Somebody that’s not familiar with acupuncture, what would you tell them? Like what does it do in the human body? It’s not as scary as it sounds. Haha. Hmm, acupuncture is one tool that we can use as acupuncturists to regulate body energy. We call it Chi but regardless.

Of what you want to call it, or believe it wholeheartedly or not, we are stimulating this to the body using this point system to help invigorate and energize the body. Yep. Opening up meridians and one of the meridians we’re actually talking about today, I don’t even know if it’s meridian, but the thyroid right? It’s not a meridian but I can kind a make some correlations for sure. So it’s this gland. Well, tell us a little bit about thyroid. What does it do? Sure. Thyroid is as you put on your throat. It’s located in our throat. The thyroid gland think of it as your gas pedal. I mean it is your metabolism so one of the most common things that we treat here are low thyroids. If you have a low thyroid.

You’re not pushing on the gas pedal very fast and everything slows down. So how does that show up in your day? What do you experience if you have a low thyroid? A suffering energy levels for sure, depression, poor motivation, low libido, constipation among other things. Yeah before I came in here and started working with you, you had me fill out like this six page questionnaire and a lot of the questions were relative to energy and libido and all that other stuff. So what you do is you look at it from an integrative approach, much more of a functional way to really understand human body. My practice, though I’m an acupuncturist, I’m medical licensed and I do Chinese medicine, I have also form a specialty in functional.

Blood chemistry and that really allows us to address things like thyroid because the ancient Chinese didn’t know what the thyroid was. They might, getting back to your meridian question, it might be like a gas spleen or kidney meridian which has to do with your daily energy and longevity concepts. Let’s talk specifically about things that you would advise your clients to do outside of getting acupuncture to increase the gas pedal? To give them more energy to help them out throughout the day? Downturn blood sugar which means avoiding all the garbage. I mean you know, really, we have to really work hard at it on this stage. Odds are stacked against us just waking up in the morning. Okay. So balancing.

Blood sugar would be cutting out things like sugar, dairy, wheat, gluten things like that? Sure. Yes ‘cause things that have dairy and gluten tend to be very simple in general and will lead to unstable blood sugar and on top of it is if you are sensitive to those things that would be inflammatory. That will cause stress on the system. That will slow the whole process down as well. Obviously sleep would be very important. Yeah. All the basic stuff you know, blood sugar and sleep and proper hydration. Yep. You bet. This is more of a woman problem as well that we’re dealing with. You tend to see low thyroid more on woman for sure. And it can impact getting pregnant you know fertility issues?.

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