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Armour Thyroid Generic Version

Synthroid, the brandname form of levothyroxine, is a prescription medication used to treat an underactive thyroid, goiters, and thyroid cancer. Synthroid is a synthetic thyroid hormone, which replaces the body’s reduced levels of this natural thyroid hormone. This medication comes in tablet form and is taken once in the morning on an empty stomach with a glass of water. Common side effects of Synthroid include tremors, a change in appetite, and irregular heartbeats. It’s important not to take Synthroid unless prescribed by a .

The Importance of Thyroid and the Aging Process

KATHY: Welcome to Biobalance health cast. Im Kathy Maupin. BRETT: And Im Brett Newcomb. And normally on these podcast we talk about various elements of hormones and hormone replacement and conversational topics because were trying to understand the topic of hormones and how they work in the body. Today were not going to talk about testosterone were going to talk about another element in the puzzle. Were going.

To talk about the thyroid. because what has emerged is a lot of information that says the thyroid, whether its under functioning, over functioning or appropriately functioning, is just as critital in a healthy stable life after menopause. And so we want to talk about the thyroid because a lot of time issues with the thyroid are not diagnosed or not identified. Sometimes the lab results dont give a clear picture or an accurate picture. I mean there are a lot of issues that can occur. And the reason we want to talk about this today is.

April 23 just two days ago an article came out in the archives of internal medicine looking at subal hypothyroidism and fatal or nonfatal cardiovascular events. So first lets define some terms. Talk us through hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism and subal. What do those terms mean? KATHY: Hypothyroidism is a very low thyroid. Your thyroid is in your neck, it runs your metabolism. It runs how warm you are how you metabolize your calories. BRETT: So Im not really fat, I just have.

A low metabolism. kathy: yea, see? or your thyroids low, causing that. And thyroid patient who have a low thyroid have swelling all over. They look very swollen in general. Or they also have a very slow intestine. So they usually have constipation, unless they have some other GI disease. They also gain weight rapidly and dont lose it. They feel cold when others are hot. Their basal temperatures are low. Usually they stop having periods or have irregular cycles if theyre premenopausal. They have.

Infertility. the thyroid manages everything in your body. its not as universal as the pituitary that runs every single gland in your body. But the most universal gland the thyroid. Thyroid takes care of every single cell in your body, and has receptor sites on every cell. So having a thyroid that works optimally is very important for your lipids. Your cholesterol goes up if you have low thyroid. So if you have high cholesterol in the old days we used to check for low cholesterol with a low thyroid when we got results back.

That showed a low thyroid. and if the cholesterol was elevated we treated thyroid and the cholesterol came down. So it affects everything. BRETT: And now they just treat they cholesterol and they dont assess the thyroid. KATHY: Right, and its bothersome because its not really treating the problem, its treating a symptom of the problem. BRETT: Yea its like putting a gas additive in your car to get better mileage instead of tuning your car up. KATHY: Thats right and thyroid affects.

So many other things. they could kill 20 birds with one stone. they could help people lose weight. You know s could actually tend to whats really bothering the patient. Which is I cant lose weight even when I exercise every day and eat very little. Thats really what thyroid patients say. BRETT: So medicine by symptom management is more expensive. KATHY: Well if youre looking at one symptom. BRETT: Well you treat that one and they come back for the next one.

Kathy: thats right, it is. and its many more drugs, because cholesterol drugs are very expensive. And thyroid is very cheap. So for us to actually treat symptoms and prevent illness its much more economical to treat with a thyroid medication if thats the problem. Now hyperthyroidism is different. Hyperthyroidism is the reverse. Patients are very nervous and anxious their hearth rate goes up. They lose weight quickly theyre hot all the time. They move around all the time. Its kind of like an A.D.D. kind of.

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