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Hashimoto Thyroid Breastfeeding

Well, hi, everybody. i’m group with global healing center. and tonight, I appreciate you guys coming on and listening to this webinar. We are going to talk about one of my favorite minerals, which is iodine. All the stuff that I talk about as far as detoxifying your body, keeping your body clean, which is great, addressing the root cause of disease. Reactivating your body’s own selfhealing mechanism. Normally, when you.

Look at the amount of toxins that we are exposed to on daily basis through the air, the water, the food. The list goes on and on. The chemicals, the heavy metals, the pesticides, the plastics. All of those are endocrine disruptors. Your thyroid gland is an endocrine gland. And your thyroid produces hormones and it needs iodine. And when you look at the amount of chemicals and heavy metals and all of this stuff that’s.

Coming into the body. what happens is that we are severely deficient in iodine and all these other chemicals, especially the halides which are your bromine and your fluoride and your chlorine, which were put in the water supply on purpose to dumb people down in the early 1940s in Germany. And the chlorine in the water and the bromide in the water, that has a major effect on the thyroid gland and many other systems in the body. So,.

Tonight, i want to just share with everybody, my notes that i’ve been taking. Some of the research, give everybody a history of iodine. Talk about what it can do. I don’t like to use the word problem at all because I believe everything, for every situation that’s out there, there’s always a solution. And maybe answer some questions. If you have any questions, just type them in and.

Hopefully i can get to it. but we will be republishing this webinar, there’s going to be a lot of good information on here. So, hopefully, you’ll be able to learn a lot and be able to share a lot as well. In its natural form, really, iodine is just a gas and it’s an element. And like I said, it’s in the periodic table with the halogens, which are bromine, fluorine and chlorine. And it’s a very important trace element.

That’s required by many parts of our body. people just associate iodine with the thyroid gland, but really, iodine is utilized by every single cell in the body. And it’s important to get the right type and the proper type of iodine into your cells. So, how was iodine developed or how was it discovered? It was actually discovered in 1811. And it was discovered by a scientist who was.

Experimenting with seaweed and he was burning the ash and he actually developed iodine. So, it hasn’t even been around that long. And then, in 1829, there was a French physician, Lugol, who created Lugol’s solution and anybody that knows about iodine out there knows and is familiar with Lugol’s solution. And when he discovered iodine, he discovered that bonding it to a potassium molecule made it watersoluble.

And it actually unlocked its antiseptic qualities and kind of stabilized it. And that’s why Lugol’s solution is potassium iodide. Around 1860, there was a Swiss physician that found that iodine could be used to treat goiter. What was happening back in the 1800s, a goiter is nothing more than a cyst that grows on your thyroid gland. And that was a very big discovery back in the 1960s. Because later, I’m going to tell you.

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