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Polycystic ovary syndrome also called PCOS is an imbalance the female sex hormones the ovaries are part of the female reproductive system along with Buffalo be in tubes uterus and vagina your ovaries contain your lifetime supply of eggs these eggs are immature and are stored in tiny fluidfilled structures called follicles to a Terry gland located at the base of the brain produces hormones that directs the function up your ovaries each month the pituitary gland secretes follicle stimulating hormone or at s H and luteinizing hormone or LH into the bloodstream.

After these hormones reach the ovaries several hundred image or eggs start to mature expanding besides at the follicles as the eggs mature the follicle secrete estrogen the main female sex hormone once the amount of estrogen in the blood reaches a certain level the pituitary sends a surge in luteinizing hormone to the ovaries causing the most follicle to open and release its eg in a process called ovulation the free egg travels through the Flowbee into where it awaits fertilization eventually the remaining immature follicles and eggs dissolved if the egg is not fertilized the egg.

And the lining of the uterus our sched during the next menstrual period if you have polycystic ovary syndrome your pituitary gland may release abnormally high amounts of luteinizing hormone into your bloodstream disrupting your normal menstrual cycle as a result your follicles do not mature and ovulation does not occur which can lead to infertility summer the immature follicles do not dissolve and remain as fluidfilled sacs or cysts in addition your doctor may find your blood has high levels of insulin a hormone produced by the pancreas too much insulin combined with high levels of luteinizing hormone.

Ovarian Cyst and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome PCOS Symptoms, Treatment and Real Experiences

Can lead to excess production a male hormone called testosterone in your ovaries abnormally high levels of testosterone prevent ovulation which can lead to infertility high levels of testosterone also cause many up the physical features associated with polycystic ovary syndrome such as acne and abnormal hair growth having polycystic ovary syndrome raises your risk for type 2 diabetes because I excess insulin and insulin resistance heart disease high blood pressure cholesterol abnormalities in the blood and endometrial cancer since there is no cure for polycystic ovary syndrome your doctor may recommend one or more medications.

To treat your symptoms such ads hormonal birth control which while preventing pregnancy also regulates your menstrual cycle and reduces testosterone production in your ovaries anti androgen medications which reduce abnormal hair growth and acne diabetes medications such as metformin which lowers your insulin levels and regulates your menstrual cycle and fertility medications which can stimulate ovulation so you can become pregnant if you want to be come pray and and fertility medications have not succeeded in restoring ovulation your doctor may recommend laproscopic ovarian drilling during the procedure your surgeon will insert.

A small needle into the ovary and use an electric current to destroy small areas oval variant issue where testosterone is produced overtime testosterone production diminishes and ovulation may occur welcome to a very special episode stop and vermont brought to you by 7 day means beautiful would you like to know dispute no it from now on but it of I’ll want to leave the Hyatt and an old virulent it with grooming inside you making this tutorial to educate other women about set when I found out that I have a gigantic mass on my ovary.

I didn’t know the first thing about a mindset 10 their almost every woman I’ve talked to him other hardwon themselves where they know their mothers in it going to sisters even themselves have had experiences with a very said think there’s a stigma related to women talking about any their reproductive organs just became aware how common it was playing it seemed like this secret is it about ovarian death why did they even exist at all was something wrong with me and how do you know it didn’t fit.

Is turning into Apple Syrian cancer if you have a cyst as just complete a bluecollar water with no lumps and bumps in there majority of the time if not close to 100 percent I’m it is not cancer that maybe not be so need to worry about sum up them are functional for example when you are dealing once a month you can have a sister develops no woman should ever feel that just because emphasis on ovary that they are cool abnormal fifth happen is important for you to be educated about the step that you need to.

Take assist happens T so I watch my doctor and I said I’m have a feeling something is going on in my body and she said now you’re fine so much later in June I woke up one morning to in tens excruciating pain and the left side my and I’ll marshals I was wedding I feel like I’m gonna pass out anything they tested around my out to man up for signed corruption best or a ruptured appendix and neither one thing to be the case so twelve hundred dollars I left the ER.

With new diagnosis whatsoever on of in fine weeks ahead intermittent pain and the only thing that saved me during that time was this my hot water bottle Hunter had this vision my path for weeks tho after three public exams which China nothing eventually did get ultrasound and that was only because p.m. not going away after I had the ultrasound I found out my doctor about a half a large mass on my ovary great 03 braying do deep inside that was my left ovary they decided this was not a simple says this was homes.

Accessed I know I have something big growing apart on me and I knew that it could be cancerous we say someone has a complex s it means that that ovary has a cystic component there is a food component to it and there’s a complex which is a solid components are complex cystic message are the ones that are a little bit more concerning so I went to the ER and initially the thought was that they because I was having appendicitis kinda like an apricot the day thought maybe it would be an appearance test.

And taken to have not to sound ding ding you know it’s not very internet from the scar tissue khatami’s I have decided to come in time which just shocking to me that back you have something that margins have my body and not now sis is like a balloon filled with water and at some point its gonna get week arm so leaks but no one really knows why Asus will rupture and sometimes Asus will rupture and then the body will heal that little rupture services will continue to grow.

Again when I was in college I had a cyst on my ovary and first the pain was so intense I went to the emergency room the reason that my stomach was swelling went back because employees with the inside assist in laparoscopy operating with a telescope and we’re looking at TV screens it’s like up in the top six because your hands are out here the belly is in the middle your fingers are manipulating instruments did that then she assisted laparoscopy we have 3d vision I am able to move the arms of my instruments.

Much better we can do with the Congo old fashion way where we make an incision on your belly this was 21 years ago she said I have found quite a large mass in her abdomen it’s about the size of a great trip in those days it was major surgery I was in the hospital for three days that long incision cuts all the abdominal muscles longest recovery it was three months ensure not after the surgery that’s the first thing they tell you yes it’s been I’m it’s not cancer course that was a big relief.

On August doctor Wong performed dementia fisted laparoscopy likely for me relatively noninvasive surgery beyond last month vision unlock every time is pretty actually have to find a p2p profile image surgery thing that doctor mark take everything out me brown long you gonna wake up but nothing left down there so you’re looking at now is the inside me that right that’s what I look like in their doctor mom cut me open he found out that this gigantic tumor hub twisted my left eye Lopes to and guess what was right it was not my whole left side.

Between I and Dimitrios to that means chocolate when you cut it open look like chocolate only meh TT my life looking to you my left ovary and a gigantic just a mass brawl amid they were draining the fluid plastic guy and men’s texts from my belly button Mumbai I can so that I miss you when I woke up from surgery first doctor on fifteen years dark how cancer the I’ll patient wants 100 percent diagnosis or whether or not they have cancer non the only way that you can do it is by.

Surgery so we were taken ovary what portion of the ovary sense that the colleges and they do a biopsy on and tell us no one knows what is the causal bearing cancer because majority the woman who have ovarian cancer happen old family history no respecter Z I have patients who eat healthy exercise don’t smoke don’t drink and you know very very athletic the still develop ovarian cancer some no one really knows why woman level being a cancer are symptomatic they complain up public pressure your dinner symptoms they may have.

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