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Thyroid And Gluten Intolerance

Hey, guys, axe here. welcome to my kitchen. today i’m going to be talking about how to go glutenfree. The reason I think it’s so important to go glutenfree is gluten is really hard for most people to digest. One out of every 133 people has Celiac disease, which means, they don’t digest or tolerate gluten at all. One out of every seven people is severely gluten intolerant, which means if you eat it you’re going to notice an outward reaction. Now also I’ll say this, I can tell a difference myself when I eat gluten. Specifically when.

Grains aren’t sprouted, i just feel fatigued and lack of energy. and those of some symptoms you may have if you are gluten intolerant. If you have weight gain or let me just say this, the benefits of going gluten free are typically, you’ll lose more weight, you’ll notice improved digestion and often times it will help your thyroid function at a higher level. You’ll notice more energy and feel thinner. Overall you will notice some differences in your body when you go glutenfree. So there are a lot of reasons why everyone watching.

This should be going gluten free. But I want to give you some practical steps right now with what I’ve done in my life and helped thousands of patients do in helping them go glutenfree. And again, gluten is a protein found in most grains. And there are some grains that are glutenfree and we’ll talk about those in a minute. Just to start us off here, I want to open up my pantry and give you guys some ideas here.

Number one, let me say this, for breakfast, rather than doing cereals, bread or something like that, that may have gluten in it, what I’ve chosen to do is typically do a berry smoothie. Now if I don’t do a berry smoothie for breakfast, which is basically, berries and coconut milk or berries and amasi and then a glutenfree protein powder, there are other things you can do. I want to show you a new product that I have been using personally. Jordan Rubin, a friend.

Of mine, i tried this over at his house and then bought some myself. these are coconut wraps. Just like you have glutenfree wraps that are made of brown rice, so that’s a good option. My new favorite things are coconut wraps. Basically it’s made out of coconut meat, coconut water and Himalayan sea salt. They are awesome, full of healthy fat and a small amount of carbohydrates. So this is great for anybody, whether you’re a diabetic or trying to lose weight or just in general to stay fit. You’re getting raw coconut in.

These new pure coconut wraps so these things are awesome. Now some things I do with this is, I’ll make some eggs. I will fry up some eggs and make a breakfast burrito. For lunch, I’ll actually make some chicken salad and throw it in here. Anyways, using these wraps has been awesome. These are pure coconut wraps here. Again, glutenfree and raw alkaline option, pretty awesome there. I’ve got those here in the cupboard.

Another thing i will do for breakfast, actually this is my special mixture i made up. this is made of golden flax seed, chia seeds and hemp seeds. And I will put a several tablespoons of that and every morning for breakfast. Again, doing different nuts and seeds is a great way to go glutenfree. Another idea, something I did last night for dinner was I bought some grouper and I made pistachioencrusted grouper. So I bought some different pistachios. Also, I took some different.

Flours here. this is almond flour and so nut flours are glutenfree flours. whether you’re cooking chicken, you can encrust it with almond flour or, again, a nut flour. Or again, you can use actually coconut flour, it’s another good thing, Coconut, you can see here, labeled coconut, another coconut flour I have there. I tend to buy mostly glutenfree flours and I buy most of my flours at a general convenience store called Kroger. I know they have them at Publix. You can also check Whole Foods.

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