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Thyroid Cancer And Fatigue

This is lam. the endocrine system is made up of eight different glands located strategically throughout the body. Each of these glands releases numerous hormones that has farranging effects systematically throughout the body’s organ function. In addition, each of these organs are tied together by various axes. We have, for example, the hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal axis or the HPA axis that ultimately governs how the adrenal functions. There is also an axis called ovarian adrenal thyroid axis, which is seldom paid attention to, but.

It is a critical axis for, and it has to be functioning very well. when happens when these three glands, as we look a little closer, is that when you have a diseased state of each of these glands, conventional medicine usually picks it up. For example, if you are having a problem with adrenal dysfunction, then if it is severe enough, it will be classified as Addison’s disease. If it is too low cortisol or if it’s too high, it’ll be Cushing’s disease. Same thing with thyroid. If your thyroids are not working well, it could be.

Classified and diagnosed as hypothyroidism. ovarian problem can manifest itself in extreme states as estrogen related type of cancer. Now, what happens if a person has these systems in the body that is not quite at the diseased state but yet is still bothersome, in other words, they are in a subal state symptomatically they are very, very, in trouble, but ally they don’t fit the diagnosis criteria of conventional medicine. This subal state of dysfunction needs to be addressed. Let’s look closely first at the adrenal system.

For a person who is exposed to physical stress, emotional stress, the subal state is called Adrenal Fatigue. This is a person that does not fit into the diagnosis of Addison’s disease, but is symptomatic, they are quite mild relative to Addison’s disease. Causes can be physical or emotional stress, toxic relationships, infections, overexercise, high sugar diet, lack of sleep, or over work. What are the symptoms? They include fatigue, anxiety, weight gain, salt craving, hypoglycemia, insomnia, joint pain, palpitations, and adrenalin.

Rushes. adrenal fatigue can actually be divided into four stages ally, starting with stage 1, which is alarm reaction, going into stage 2, with resistance response, where the body tries to put up more cortisol. Stage 3, when the adrenals is in exhaustion as the cortisol level start to go down, that’s divided into phase A through D, with 3B, stage 3B phase as having the hormone of the OAT axis imbalance. After you reach stage 4 with adrenal failure, then progressively it gets worse into Addison’s disease. So you have.

Causes and symptoms of adrenal fatigue that we have just covered. now, as far as the ovaries are concerned, what do you get? Ovarian dysfunction can be caused by stress, can be caused by environmental factors, taking hormone replacement medically, sugar, obesity, this causes imbalance of estrogen versus progesterone. We need to remember in the ovaries, is not only the absolute value of the estrogen level, but it’s the balance between estrogen and progesterone that’s important. When the body, and particularly the ovaries, are under stress, usually the.

End result is high estrogen relative to progesterone. because progesterone tends to neutralize estrogen and when the neutralization effects not there, then even though the estrogen level in absolute terms is not high, in relative term it becomes dominant and the subal state of what we see is called estrogen dominance. The symptoms include PMS, foggy thinking, irregular menses, breast tenderness, PCOS, no spark in life, and in extreme cases, fibroid, endometriosis, as well as cancer, especially breast cancer of estrogen origin.

Now, let’s look at the thyroid. the thyroid gland usually is responsible for the metabolic functions of the body and those people who have primary hypothyroid or hypothyroid caused by other issues, such as infections or autoimmune diseases, can have symptoms such as low body temperature, sluggishness, weight gain, hair loss, constipation, high cholesterol, and dry skin. If you give thyroid medication, these symptoms should go away, except probably low body temperature. If the low body temperature remains low over a consistent period of time.

Can thyroid goiter produce adrenal tumor symptoms

Adrenal tumor symptoms can include things like fatigue, loss of energy, electrolyte imbalances, as well as metabolic problems. Thyroid also can produce similar symptoms as well as adrenal dysfunction. In particular if your thyroid and your ovarian and your adrenal system are not well balanced, you can have symptoms similar to adrenal tumors. I will go through with you what to look out for here. I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial. For more information on this topic, head over to DrLam .

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