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Thyroid Function And Vitiligo

Thanks for tuning in. I’ve got another case presentation today I’m going to talk about. This lady is 35 years of age. I’m not going to tell you where she comes from. Her name is not really Sarah, but I’m going to call her Sarah. Sarah is 35. Sarah came to me with severe burn out and fatigue. Sarah used to be a pro sports person a long time ago, seriously into sports. She was married. She’s now separated and divorced. She’s got two children. She’s got two girls. She’s got quite serious hypothyroidism along with adrenal fatigue and also a rampant.

Yeast infection, so I’ve been working with Sarah for some time now. It’s interesting. Here’s a test result of Sarah’s, a hair analysis that was completed on Sarah some time ago now. What I’m particularly interested in now is in the bottom panel. You’ll see all of these black bars are predominantly there on the left hand side, you can see that. A lot of these lines here extend right out. This is quite a big imbalance here. In fact, there’s a huge amount of deficiencies going on here. Deficiencies in potassium, chromium,.

Selenium, magnesium, right across the board, we’ve got a huge deficiency pattern. For someone so young whose 35, I would put that down to massive stress. I routinely see that in people, particularly perfectionist people or highly strung people. People that expect the most out of everything that they do in life, and they expect a lot out of themselves and even more out of other people. And then they get disappointed. People like Sarah are literally human dynamo. They go around supercharged and energized the whole time and, eventually, even the best machine will wear out. And that’s what we’ve got in this case. We’ve got a person.

Case 27 Sarah Adrenal Fatigue, Hypothyroidism and Candida

Who couldn’t keep living up to her very high and exacting standards, and she ended up falling into a big hole called adrenal fatigue. She got burnt out. And what really added insult to injury in Sarah’s case was her separation and divorce. There was a lot of bitterness and anger with this separation. There were a lot of money issues that went on. The house got settled and a lot of money went out of her bank account. She got very angry and bitter about the whole thing. So this has created a lot of problems for.

Her. I don’t think the thyroid problem was a problem initially. That came along. Many patients experience adrenal fatigue years before they develop thyroid dysfunction. We can clearly see that. You can see some of my other tutorials where I talk about adrenal fatigue and thyroid dysfunctions. Lots and lots of women have got thyroid problems. I would easily say half of all patients I see have some kind of functional disturbance of the thyroid gland. In fact, I had a patient today, a 28yearold lady, with major thyroid dysfunction. Adrenal fatigue is endemic. It’s like a yeast.

Infection. I can easily say, today, in the western world, that 75 to 80 percent of people have got some kind of an adrenal malfunction. You know when you think about it, the adrenal gland really is the bearer. It’s the gland in the body that carries our load. It helps us to recover from any kind of stressful event. If you’re in a relationship, if you’re working, you’re living in a city, you’re driving your car, you’ve got a mortgage, especially up to $200,000, and all these things come along. They all are stresses in our lives.

Now, in Sarah’s case, we spoke about stress and, of course, we immediately got all these, I’m not stressed. I’m not stressed. Immediately, all these sort of barriers came up. Many patients don’t feel they have stress, but as my stress mentor, Dr. James Wilson, once said to me, Anyone who has a pulse has stress. Anyone who breathes has stress. And that’s because we’re human beings. We’re not machines. We’re not robots. We have got an emotional part about us. We’ve got a rational part about us. And we’ve got a very carefully balanced.

System that allows us to cope with everything that goes on in our lives. It allows us to keep all the plates spinning on those sticks. Did you ever go to the circus and see the clown running from one stick to another stick, spinning a plate and holding it. I remember when my children were quite little, we took them to the circus and it was remarkable seeing the clown running from one stick to another stick and then spinning it. And eventually, a plate would fall on the ground. And this is how a lot of people lead their lives is.

They run from one thing to another, always trying to balance things. Too many patients like Sarah have got way too many plates spinning on sticks. Instead of having one or two plates, they’ve got 50 plates. And that’s what we had in this case. We had a person who’s breeding expensive thoroughbred animals like dogs or horses. I can’t remember what it was, but she was involved in this animal society. She was involved in many different associations, as well as sports, professional associations, and then trying to be a mom at the same time.

And a partner, and something is going to have to break. A lot of these situations occur through fear and insecurity, I believe, on the patient’s part. And a lot of it will stem back to what they were like in their family life with their mom and dad. We’ve had some really nice results with Sarah. Basically, I’ve got her to slow up a lot. We had quite a few consultations around her lifestyle and the changes that need to occur if she wants to feel good again. I also made it quite clear to Sarah that she’s not going.

To recover from the Candida until her adrenal glands and thyroid are functioning much, much better. There is a fantastically powerful relationship, in particular, with cortisol made by the adrenals, but also with T3 and T4, the thyroid hormones made by the thyroid. Those hormones have a very powerful effect on immune function, energy production, cognition, moods, inflammation I can go on and on. A lot of systems are balanced because of the thyroid and adrenals. When these glands are not functioning optimally, and that’s generally through a screwed up lifestyle, you’re going to get functional.

Problems. If the functional problem goes on long enough, you’re going to get disease. And that’s when the doctor steps in and does a blood test, and the doctor will say, You’ve got such and such a disease. But the functional problems occur long before the disease ensues. Same with your car. Noises will occur long before the engine blows up. That’s something to bear in mind. If you’ve got problems, sort them now. Don’t wait until the wheels fall off the car. When you hear the noises, act on it. And if the mechanic can’t diagnose.

What the noise is, go and find a damn mechanic who can find it. I have a very good friend that I grew up with who is a Volkswagen mechanic. Leon was remarkable. His ear was tuned to the car. So if he would hear a Volkswagen come up his driveway, by the time the client pulled up and parked the car, Leon would say, You’ve got a problem with your cylinder. You’ve got a dodgy valve on the cylinder, probably on the left side because it’s such and such a model. Leon was an expert. His ear was tuned to the sound of that engine.

A very good doctor should be tuned to the sound of your lifestyle. The sound of your tone of voice. The sound of your body language. All of these things are clues that a good practitioner will pick up on to diagnose where the fault is. Average doctors couldn’t give a damn. They’re just going to write out some script. They’re not even going to look at you half the time these days. They’re too busy looking at their computer screen to worry about what patient they’ve got in front of them. This is why I put so much time aside.

Out of my life to help someone like you. I’ve created CandidaCrusher and also yeastinfection. These are enormously powerful online resources for you, so you can find out where your noise is coming from. And you don’t have to be like Sarah, and you don’t have to go through all this crap. If you start making changes early in life before the wheels get wobbly and fall off, your car is going to stay on the road a lot longer and be a lot more pleasurable to drive. Plus, also, it means that you won’t need to.

Get rid of it, and get another model. You can keep enjoying that car all your life. And that’s what, I think living is all about, quality of life. Enjoying people around you and enjoying health that’s balanced and optimal. So what did we do with Sarah Well, I would say 75 percent of the work I did with Sarah was really lifestyle counseling. It was to get her to eat a basically good diet, get her away from alcohol. She was starting to drink a little bit of alcohol after the separation. We spoke about how ridiculous that was. I.

Got her off caffeine because she had sleeping problems. I would say we had about an 80 percent improvement on that alone. We also put Sarah on my Canxida Remove, on my antifungal product, to help her get rid of her vaginal thrush. And we nailed that with some local treatment with boric acid. You can read that in Chapter 5 in Candida Crusher. I’m working with her daughter at the moment who has got migraine headaches. We had a beautiful outcome with this lady, and I’ve got every hope to believe that she’s going to get married again and.

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