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Thyroid Function Mcq

We’re going to look at the cervical spine anatomy via xray in general for the cervical spine there are two views to be taken the front to back view and the side view they are represented on the screen here by that view right there and by the side view here on the front to back view you can see how the vertebra line up one on top of another you can look at these little tiny triangular processes called the unco vertebral joints and that can tell you something about the health.

Of the vertebra and on the side view again you see the base of the skull you can see the jaw you can see the individual vertebra and then you can see where the discs are in between the vertebra the discs of course don’t show up because there’s no bone in the disc but you can actually see the disc heighth and get a general idea of the welfare of the disc you can look in the back part of the spine here and see the facets this is also the canal were the spinal cord lives in through here.

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