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Thyroid Function Measurement

Hello again friends, Rick Calvert for Empty Caps Company. You know, the number one mostasked question that we get on EmptyCaps is this How many milligrams can I fit into a size 00 capsule , or size 000 or size 1. The question is the same, just the capsule sizes are different. Problem is, milligram’s a measurement of weight, and not volume. So in order to really precisely know the weight of an individual capsule, we’ve got to have more to go on than just the capsule size itself. So, how do we figure out how many milligrams go into a capsule.

What’s the scoop This is the scoop! This is the CapMQuik measuring scoop from Empty Caps Company. And with it, you can determine the weight that’s going in to your capsules. First, you’re going to need a precision scale. Something capable of measuring any weights between 110th of a gram, or.1 gram and up to about 200 grams. You can usually find one pretty inexpensively online for $20 or $30. For the purpose of example, in this case, we’re going to be using the size 000 capsule however the math works for any size capsule,.

The only thing that changes is the number of scoops that you’ll use. The volume of 50 size 000 gelatin capsules is the equivalent of seven CapMQuick measuring scoops. However, one powder can weigh more or less than another depending on that powder’s density. For example in this demonstration you can see that 1 scoop of granular sugar weighs 8,700mg, while the same size scoop of flour weighs only 6,100mg. Same volume, different weights. So here’s the way to weigh individual capsules accurately. First use the correct number of scoops for.

How Many Milligrams Fit In A Size Capsule

Whatever is required for 50 capsules, whatever size you’re using. In this case, 000, seven scoops of powder. If you’re going to tamp down the powder into the capsule make sure that you also tamp the the powder into the scoop as well. Next, measure the weight of the powder only, by zeroing out the plastic bowl on your scale, and then adding the correct number of scoops to your bowl. When you get that figured, then what you’ll want to do is take that number, multiply it by 1000 and divide by 50. And that will give you the weight.

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