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Thyroid Function Monitoring

MUSIC I was actually down here and my parents came down to visit. And I actually threw that day so my mom was giving me a nice pat on the back saying really good job today. And I turned to look at my dad, and when I turn, I had like a little bump in my neck. So I went and got it checked out and they treated me for a swollen lymph node. gtgt Joey’s mom came up to me and asked, look, this is something more serious than a benign cyst.

We looked at his thyroid and recommended that he needs treatment for his thyroid cancer. What we recommended at that point is to have him undergo thyroidectomy, which is removing the thyroid gland, which is the source of a thyroid cancer as well as removing the lymph nodes in the right neck. Now, the important thing about this surgery that’s relevant for Joey is Joey is an aspiring baseball player. He’s a pitcher. Fortunately, he had a successful surgery. And after the surgery, he was pitching as soon as he recovered from the surgery.

Gtgt But I always knew what to do on the mound. I’ve been doing it since I was four years old. At times, it was hard confidence wise because you go through something like that, you don’t know if you’re gonna be the same person after. I lost probably about 30 to 35 pounds. And I think that was the main thing, was just trying to put the weight back on, because that’s really where you pitch from. You know, my teammates were awesome through this. We always think of ourselves as a family, we’re all.

Thyroid Cancer Joeys Story

Brothers in here, and we’re always with each other everyday, six, seven hours a day. And like you can’t really break that kind of comradery. Dr. Kim is, in my opinion, the best doctor in the world. He actually took the time, every single time I could text him and ask him a simple question of, hey, can I be doing something like this, this early after my surgery And he would call back, he would call me within like 10 minutes and talk to me for sometimes 30, 45 minutes.

And that’s just one of those things that you can’t really get from a lot of doctors. And so he really does develop a great relationship with his patients, and I felt like he was my friend. On the inside of my hat, I actually have the day that I was cleared, and so it’s 92214. Before each inning, I’ll take my hat off and I’ll look at it. And I’ll rub the date and put my hat back on to realize that I can do anything. My first pitch back on the mound in the fall.

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