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Thyroid Function Mood

Hi welcome to the SpoonGeeks channel. I’m Stephanie and Thanks for joining me for Thyroid Thursday If you are like me, you are well aware of the daily aches, the tired, the hair loss and other physical symptoms that we experience when living with hypothyroidism. But theres also a mental and emotional toll that accompanies chronic illnesses depression, brain fog, anxiety, PMS, insomnia. Its the mental aspect of chronic illness that well be talking about on this episode of Thyroid Thursday. Im going to share a bit of my journey and.

Some coping mechanisms that I’ve learned along the way. As a reminder, Im not a doctor, or a health or fitness professional. I’m a patient sharing information Ive learned along the way. May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and May 12 was fibromyalgia awareness day, so this is a perfect time to have a discussion on it the impact of chronic illness on your mental health. I have been bouncing this topic around in my head for a couple of weeks and I was having a hard time trying to figure out how to approach it. After watching my tutorials, you already.

Know that I like to keep things encouraging and upbeat as much as possible, and I also dont really like to just rehash whats been said a billion times before. We dont need another Just be positive and itll all get better message, but its really hard to say Welcome to Spoonieland! Your hypothyroid ticket just earned you a trip to aches, pain, exhaustion, hair loss and wonky mood swings. There will be a stop at social isolation with a detour of panic attacks and anxiety. Thats not really going to have people lining up at the door for that party, isnt it.

Thyroid Thursday Chronic Illness and Mental Health

Well, as luck would have it, I got hit with my own crisis situation. That helped me realize that I wanted to do my best to help my fellow Spooies avoid getting in the same situation. I figure if you can’t lead by example, at least be a warning to others. this will probably be a bit longer than my usual tutorials so get comfy Im going to back up a bit. My particular path of this journey started in a very dark place. I was crying all the time, I was sleeping all the time but was exhausted, I just couldn’t.

Break out of a funk. I had no interest in anything, and got hit with panic and anxiety out of nowhere. Any of this sounding a little familiar I had just gone through some huge changes in my life I hit a breaking point. I finally got myself to the doc who prescribed some antidepressants and for it while that worked. Through the course of a few years, my symptoms kept getting worse and I ended up on high doses of 2 antidepressants. Eventually a friend shared a bit of what she was going and I had a moment of Hey! That.

Sounds like me! I did a bit of research, and all of my symptoms were there! I went into my doctor armed with this new info, got some test run and lo and behold YES! I was hypothyroid. I know! It sounds totally twisted to be excited about it but there was such a relief in finding out there was something wrong and there was a name for it. What I didnt realize was that wasnt the top of the mountain. That was the edge of the valley, and the start.

Of the climb and that climb has been interesting to say the least. With treatment, my depression did lessen, my mood stabilized, I had a bit more energy, but its been a slow climb. Ive done a lot to fous on being hopeful and positive, but there are times I just dont feel it. Probably more often than I realize or admit. I know I work really hard at keeping the everythings fine faade up for everyone else while everything is far from fine. And its exhausting. Thats why I was so glad to come across this article.diycouturierpost4724960312821tipstokeepyourshittogetherwhenyoure.

. I thought it would be another Just try harder and fake it till ya make it articles but I was relieved that it wasnt. For me, it was the truth Id wanted to hear. If youre going through depression right now, or if someone you know is going through it, read it! Instead of reinventing the wheel, Im going to piggy back on to what this post says so take a few to look it over then come back. Ive got some tea Ill wait. Yay! Youre back! Wasnt that fanfreaking tastic!.

Like I said, Im going to do a little add on to whats already there. First off, this crying thing. Do it. Just cry let it out. As part of my being a warning to others, I want to say this if you dont cry when you need to, youll regret it. One of my tells that the stress is too high or Ive been pushing too much is that I start to feel extra weepy at everything. I try to push it off for a more convenient time, but then dont. Warning 1 Doing that.

Too often can lead to a major meltdown. Warning 2 Pushing off the meltdown can make things go nuclear. Take it from me, you dont want that to happen. So take the time, grab the tissues and let it out. In general, my coping mechanism fall in line with a lot of what this post talks about. For me, its all about escapism, about engaging my brain just enough without having to think too much. Knitting has helped me a ton, and for Spoongeek Norman its been getting back into beading and glass etching. We also read a lot and watch movies or TV shows, but we.

Are very selective about what we watch or read. We dont do the light and fluffy very often, but we also dont go for things that are really heavy emotionally. I joked with Norman that my preferences have gone through a regression. Growing up I was reading heavy fiction, horror, and things that were generally way ahead of my preteen and teen years. Now Im all about the young adult fiction and urban fantasy, and DisneyPixarDreamworks movies. Things like the Dresden books, Cassandra Clare, and recently some of John Carole Barrowman, but I through some David Rosenfelt.

In for some light hearted crime drama. I also love reading different blogs about a ton of different topics from learning to do a vintage hairstyle to health issues with tons of science that appeals to my geek side. I encourage you to do the same with 2 caveats 1 its really easy to take a blog and see the best snapshots of a persons life or project or whatnot, and feel very defeated or deflated by it. These are the best photos and the best projects and the best food and oh my goodness I shouldnt even bother because thats perfect and Im.

A horrible person. Its a slippery slope so back away if your mood starts to darken. 2 Stay away from the comments! Really! Theres nothing worse than reading a great article about how you CAN do something, or go at your own pace and then have the first comments to a post be about how people are slackers if they dont give 150. Or they try to out guru the guru. That is so not helpful and more damaging to your mood. So limit the time you spend on blogs and Facebook and Instagram and any other social.

Media site. You dont need to bring other peoples drama into your life when youre working on your own. Lastly I want to reiterate a couple of points from that article. 19 Depression will lie to you. Depression will try to tell you what others are thinking. That you are unloved and unworthy, that others think little of you or dont care or even wish you harm. You are not a psychic. Keep repeating that. I am not a psychic. Repeat. The only way to know what another person is thinking is to up and ask them.

And finally, if you are well and truly losing this battle, reach out to someone. It can be a friend, acquaintance or a professional. Just Reach out. Its hard to do when youre feeling closed off, but it can be the best thing for you. Living with a chronic illness is very rough, enlisting help and support of others can ease the burden. I know this wasnt a super perky message. Theres a time and a place for that, but sometimes you need to hear what to do when you feel less than perky. I hope it gave your.

Mind some ease through this rough time. And if you want, I can do a You can do it! message next time. So now its your turn to be part of the conversation. In the comments share what has helped you the most in dealing with your chronic illness. Is there some advice you received that encouraged you How are things going for you right now Also dont forget to hit the like button so we can reach more spoonies. To get updates on new tutorials, be sure to click the subscribe!.

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