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Thyroid Function Panel Test

Hi this doctor Tarrin P. Lupo and today I’m gonna talk about five common mistakes that your doctor could be making when addressing your thyroid problem stick around way there five common mistakes but doctors make when addressing their thyroid patients now I’m not trying to call all doctors to the carpet but I am encourage them to bring up their game there seems to be this problem around the country where doctors are rushed and the just not doing what they should for thyroid patients. so I’m trying are you with information of.

Five mistakes that these doctors commonly make so let’s start. Mistake number one just ordering thyroid stimulating hormone test for what you commonly known as a TSH test. Now the thyroid is incredibly complicated and its job is to be ultra sensitive to the environment and make changes so your body is always stable, it’s kinda like the air traffic controller if your body it has to listen all the signals coming in and then send signals back out telling the body what to do. Your brain also Ultimately sends signals.

Down to your body but the thyroid interprets the signals and decides what to do with them. it’s a very long and complicated process it’s a big cascade from the brain all the way down to the target cell. Just ordering a thyroid stimulating hormone test or TSH test only really tells you how well the pituitary gland in the thyroid are communicating. It cannot be like me taking my car into a mechanic and try to figure out what the problem is and all the mechanic test is the oil.

5 Common Mistakes Your Thyroid Doctor Could Be Making

He just checked soil and nothing else that’s what getting a TSH test and nothing else is like. Mistake number two not ordering a proper thyroid panel so what we talked about mistake one just ordering a TSH isn’t going to cut it. You also need a lot other tests they can figure out exactly along this big complicated pathway what area is not functioning correctly. Here’s the tests that I would recommend you order at a bare minimum You will want to test T4 T3, FTI which stands for Free Thyroxine Index.

T3 uptake, free t3 free T4, as well as reverse T3. Mistake number three is not testing for Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis is rampant and western societies especially here in America most of the hypothyroid cases have some element to this the just not tested for diagnosis. There’s a big misconception out there that Bayreuth problems are caused because of a lack of Iodine or Tyrosine. Now that might be true in third world countries but in developed countries it’s not. Most people are having an autoimmune reaction to their own fire await has really nothing to do with.

Iodine or Tyrosine. In fact running around taking the supplements will actually make an autoimmune thyroid worse. Many times the autoimmune element of the thyroid problem is never diagnosed or and never even tested for, because it really doesn’t change the treatment plan. What’s gonna happen is you’re still going to be diagnosed with thyroid hormones nothing really ever gets done about the autoimmune issue. The autoimmune issue is usually because of something in your diet is causing the initial problem. It’s very important you figure out if your thyroid problem has an autoimmune element. The two tests that’ll.

Tell you that are the TPO antibody test and the TG antibody test at either those come back positive you’ve got yourself Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. on a side note you have something called euthyroid what that means is that you have all the symptoms and problems on the highway patient but when you do the bloodwork everything comes back normal. It basically means that your blood is not gotten bad enough yet that it shows up in the testing that’s called Euthyroid, so don’t be surprised if you do an antibody test.

Comes back negative and then you doing in six months later and it comes back positive. the best way to manage this autoimmune issue is to turn down the volume and inflammation, try to remove the triggers that you’re eating, get a food sensitivity test and take that areas out that are showing up and also switch to a plantbased diet Mistake number four, not testing for Graves disease. Now Graves disease other side of the coin it means your thyroid is going too fast the problem I see in my office is people will come in who were diagnosed with.

Graves but when you actually examine look at ’em they don’t present like a Graves patient. Something’s not right. On further examination and blood work what the really are are on their way to Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. there’s a stage where the bodies attacking itself and the thyroid will create extra cells and swell it’ll actually appear on blood work that you have a low TSH and then it will swing to a high TSH, swing low TSH, and back to high so during this process if I tested you one month it would appear that.

You have hypothyroid, I tested you another month it would appear you have hyperthyroid. So you could be one of these people they got tested during that speed up phase where you have hyperthyroid and if you just basing it on TSH you not gonna know. so if your doctor only based your Graves disease diagnosis on TSH you might want to insist on getting the anybody test to confirm it the antibody test is sometimes known as a TSI test. or can also be called a thyroid stimulating hormone receptor antibody.

Depending on what lab you’re using. Mistake 5 not actually doing a physical exam. Now let’s face it your doctor is pretty much handcuffed by insurance and government insurance these days so that means unfortunately you suffer that the exams get shorter and shorter and shorter a lot of times doctors are so pressed for time they don’t do a proper physical exam a doctor should always put his hands on your thyroid in check to see if they feel nodules and do a proper head and neck exam to check for any signs of thyroid issues.

It’s very important that someone actually put their hands on a check for thyroid nodules. Just ordering a TSH without even touching patient is just not gonna cut it these days. There is also one other area that’s usually overlooked and that’s to actually checked the nerve flow to the thyroid if the vertebrae the supply the nerves to the thyroid get twisted or subluxated, sometimes that nerve flow doesn’t work right, so the thyroid never gets the proper nerve signal that it should, and it will malfunction. The best people that can check this out for you or.

Chiropractors that’s their bread and butter what they do go get checked for subluxations and make sure the nerve flow is working right. You’re the one that has to live with the consequences of not getting a full diagnosis. So don’t feel like you’re being pushy asking for these tests. This is your health you’re dealing with and you sometimes have to be proactive and take responsibility ,get your way and demand these things. I hope this tutorial helped, please remember to give it a thumbs up and share it also I love it if you would subscribe.

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