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Thyroid Function Ppt

Hi, I’m Brian Smith for About here to show you how to add Music, Narration and Sound in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 for Windows. I have a simple presentation open and let’s say I want to associate a music file to this slide. From the Insert ribbon, over here to the right, you’ll see an icon that looks like a speaker and I’m going to click on that. This will bring up a dialog and allow us to browse to a music file. I actually have some right here so I’m going to click this music file and hit Insert. Once you.

Do, you’ll see a speaker icon in the middle of your slide. So if you want to test your music while editing, I’m just going to click on the speaker to activate the controls and then I’m going to click the play button to hear it. Now that the music is in the PowerPoint, there are some universal controls we can use to tell the music how we want it to play during the presentation. So I’ll click on this speaker once to activate the controls and you’ll also notice a context.

Sensitive menu pops up on the ribbon. on Playback and Next to start. You can use the dropdown menu to select how you would like this sound to behave. The options are to play automatically when the slide starts, if you click on the speaker icon during the presentation or if you want the music to play across all the slides once it starts. I’ll choose automatically from the list. On the next slide, I’m going to add some narration. Similar to adding the music, but instead of just clicking the speaker icon.

How to Add Music and Sounds to PowerPoint 2010 Slide Shows

Under insert, I’m going to click on the audio with the little down arrow. This will give us a short cut menu and I’m going to choose Record Audio. From the controls that pop up, just click on the Record button and start your recording. This is a PowerPoint narration test. Now you can play this sound back or set the controls just as we did on the last music clip. I’m going to leave this set to On. Finally, insert an audio clip the same way. I’m going to go down here to our last slide.

And we’re going to insert some applause. I’m going to up to insert, use the down arrow and choose clip art audio. You’ll see this will activate a panel on the right hand side where we can insert a sound clip. I’ll select Claps and Cheers and then move it out of the way. Now, when I play the slideshow I’m just going to go up to view and I’m going to use our reading view we’ll hear music when we advance to the second slide. On the third slide we can click to hear our narration,.

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