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Thyroid Function Scale

What is the function of the spleen. The spleen performs vital functions which when you learn what they are will motivate you to become healthier than ever before. I’ll touch on some of these briefly. at the end of this clip you can download a more comprehensive report and pass it on to others who you think may benefit western medicine hardly understands the spleen. scientists need to know and measure the practical and physical properties of an organ spiritual properties cannot be measured the spleen is mainly a spiritual organ it is so deeply spiritual that without it functioning well.

We can only ever be a fraction of our real selves. damaged and weak spleens are increasingly common any blunt wound to the left side of the body can damage the spleen falling out of a tree, off a wall, sports injuries, car accidents any of these can damage the spleen on an emotional level there are a variety of issues that can impact is spleen energy I will focus on these aspects The spleen is the organ of nourishment nurturing and bonding in traditional Chinese medicine the spleen is the yin, essentially.

Feminine aspect of the earth element Yin is about grounding, mothering, Mother Earth What most humans are looking for in life is that deep connection we call love. Do we know love before we incarnate. do we lose touch with it during the incarnation process I believe that we all know somewhere in our body that deep level of love for ourselves and for humanity that is powerful enough to prevent wars. somehow on our journey we lost that connection The Spleen and digestion. The spleen manages the organs of digestion like the conductor of an.

What Is The Function Of The Spleen Organ of Nourishment, Nurturing and Bonding

Orchestra you eat a Grade A, organic meal yet if your spleen in weak, your body will not absorb any nutrients. A strong spleen will ensure a person is well nourished. a weak spleen can result in a person being well fed yet undernourished. The spleen and thought. ever had fuzzy unclear thinking which controls thought the power to concentrate and to apply the mind it’s a slightly different concept to the Western Way of thinking yet it same as the process of assimilating nutrition from food, replicated at a mental.

Level by nourishing the mind we talk of ‘digesting information’, ‘chewing on that’ and having ‘food for thought’ here’s where the spleen becomes fascinating for its acknowledged as a seat of the emotions any disharmony within the spleen will likely bring about to poor digestive capacity as well as the difficulty in receiving emotional nourishment. The spleen and addictions. addictions are a sign of a week they can be simple cravings such as sugar alcohol cigarettes or more disturbing addictions like gambling abusive behaviour or the biggest drug money when we are addicted to something only feel.

When we’re addicted to something, we only feel safe when we have enough of it. but when we reach that point perceived sufficiency we realise that we aren’t safe after all. the double bind here is that we can never feel safe when our body is on active alert, and it’s likely to remain like that until we feel safe. when we’re on active alert we don’t breathe properly, we don’t digest our food properly, don’t eliminate toxins and we clench our body. we become ill and take medicines that cannot properly utilized or eliminated.

The spleen and birth. That first eye contact between mother and child in those first few moments of life is so empowering so enduring and give screen considerable strength. at this point the hormone oxytocin is released allowing the mother’s milk to flow, the baby to be nourished and the feeling of contentment and love which is tangible to everyone who has participated. most of us are both were taken away from our mother too quickly to be washed, weighed and dressed by the Midwife already the single point of bonding has been lost forever.

Instead of bonding with its mother, the baby looks into the eyes of the midwife and bonds with her. This lost opportunity to bond with mother can bring about confusion and deep trauma in the baby the result giving rise to trust and safety issues in later life once we have a pattern of weakness other events come into our lives which continue the downward spiral we lose our ability to orient ourselves and are more prone to accidents the spleen loses its ability to manage digestive system and cleanse the blood properly. Our thoughts become confused because of our.

Feeling of abandonment we live on active alert and our body finds it difficult to settle at the time of birth any mechanical intervention will cause trauma to the spleen. Dr. Michel Odent explored how inducing labor can lead to Asperger’s Syndrome, forceps delivery to cranial bleeding and ventouse suction to eating disorders that’s before we even mention the impact of a C section if you feel anything as you listen then this probably happened to you this is a point at which your spleen energy weakened The spleen and the Thyroid.

I mentioned earlier that without a properly functioning spleen, people can only ever be a fraction of their true selves. The spleen is what keeps us grounded, present and aware conscious in each moment we live with a strong spleen you just don’t let life pass you by on a physical level the spleen controls the thyroid In turn the thyroid regulates metabolism metabolism is key to weight loss yet the success the multimillion dollar weight loss industry is largely based on failure it’s that age old marketing trick of not wanting to lose a paying client.

Look at weight loss from a fresh perspective how can eating fewer calories ever make any difference to a person’s weight if their digestive organs aren’t processing food correctly The Spleen and Blood. another physical task that the spleen performs is to filter out from the bloodstream those dead and injured red blood cells, thus keeping the rest of the bloodstream healthy and vibrant once again when the spleen is strong and doing its job properly blood flowing through the body is clean and healthy that’s really a powerful thought. The spleen energy is what keeps us centred in our body it gives us the ability to orient.

Ourselves to our environment and be in harmony with it means that wherever we live we can feel at home. this aspect is clearly out of balance with the human race as we continue to damage and drain resources of our planet only when we do our own healing work can we expect this to shift on a global scale. What to do next. There are very few remedies to help the spleen perform more efficiently. The only one I found that can do this work well is maestro, a three hundred and fifty.

Year old recipe from a family of Master Herbalists whose origins date back some 2,000 years to Ancient Phoenicia, now the Lebanon and Syria Maestro is available but it’s in limited supply the ingredient herbs have been grown in the valleys of the Lebanon and Syria for hundreds of years but the ongoing military action was blocked supplies as I speak there are only a hundred and fifty plus bottles of maestro available when this stock is exhausted there will be no more. don’t leave this one too late If the bankers and politicians don’t sort out their egos in the Middle.

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