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Thyroid Function Scan

MUSIC I love running and I always did, and all of a sudden it became really, really hard to run one mile. I went to my physician for a annual checkup, he decided to run a special check that he doesn’t usually do every year. And when the results came back he said, you don’t have any hormones in your body. It’s absolutely zero. And he said that could be an indication of only one thing, it’s probably something in the head. He said, maybe it’s the pituitary gland, but I’m not sure.

Why don’t you do an MRI When the MRI results came back, he called me and he said, listen, it’s bad. It’s not only do you have a tumor he said, what you have in centimeters I’ve never seen in my life as a doctor in millimeters. TSH tumors are very rare. They represent less than 1 of all pituitary tumors. Usually when a patient has a damaged pituitary gland, the pituitary gland no longer stimulates the thyroid to make thyroid hormones if the tumor is large. In his case, his thyroid hormone level was elevated, but.

His TSH level, which is normally low in patients who have overactive thyroid, was actually elevated. So the two tests didn’t quite make sense with each other except by the possibility of him having his very rare form of pituitary tumor. gtgt One of the things that I discovered when I went to John Hopkin’s was that I was losing sight on my left eye, and I didn’t even know that. I was losing the peripheral vision on my left eye. gtgt Because he had a compression of his optic nerves,.

Pituitary Tumor Yanirs Story

He had already some vision damage. And therefore we couldn’t wait for the medication to try to shrink the tumor. But we had to act fast to decompress his optic nerve and recover his vision. gtgt His tumor was right behind the nose, up through the nose, right behind the eyes. And it was growing up and putting pressure into the nerves. gtgt Finding out that you have a brain tumor is horrible, it’s a horrible moment. You feel like your life collapsed and you feel like it’s the end. But it’s not.

Gtgt We began to slowly but steadily chip away just like a sculpture, so you imagine that’s a space and you chip away the tumor from both of the carotid arteries. And that’s exactly what we did and just miraculously we were able to take out the majority of the tumor. MUSIC SOUND The recovery was speedy, it was very, very quick. After two weeks, I was already working, went back to running. I fulfilled my promise to Dr Q that I would run with him and we ran together in the ten miler Cherry Blossom in DC this year.

I’m training again, I’m running again. gtgt His prognosis is amazing. To the point where he is running races, he’s training for a marathon. And he’s doing incredible things after having had such a big brain tumor and after having had brain surgery. And that, to me, is a testament. No matter what I tell you, whether his prognosis is good or not, is what he’s doing tells you that his prognosis is. gtgt I think that within the whole scope of being extremely unlucky and getting a brain tumor, I was 100 lucky.

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