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Thyroid Function Sleep

Hey my friend! Drew Canole. We are on the way to meet one of my good friend and I want to bring you with me. You see, my friend Jim is a traditional Chinese medicine doctor and he understands functional medicine so he looks at the whole body as this awaken machine and once we know how to turn it on then it can literally heal from the inside out. What we’re talking about today is thyroid health and it’s an epidemic that’s plaguing the modern world as we know it and if you’re experiencing any thyroid condition or you’re thinking.

Maybe you have some of the symptoms, I wanted to bring you with me and introduce you to my good buddy Jim so that you and I could really get to the bottom of this because when I say we’re in this together, you know I mean it. So let’s go meet Jim. I’m with Jim Chialtas here in sunny San Diego. He’s my acupuncturist and he wanted to give some of his time to you today to help us understand this epidemic that’s happening throughout the world and that is thyroid health. So he’s a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner,.

Two kids, loves life in San Diego, getting out in nature. He’s a true FitLifer so he’s here. He’s gonna help us today. Thanks for coming up my man. Thanks for having me. So one of the questions we ask everyone in the community is why do you do what you do Well I have a fascination with human health my whole life for sure and as I got into practicing I have really seen a huge problem with general energy and kind of productivity in happiness in life really. That’s what I like to offer as best as I can. Yep. Getting function back.

Is Your Thyroid Making You Tired No Matter How Much Sleep You Get Saturday Strategy

And giving people ability to enjoy their lives. And you’ve spent over 15 hundred hours helping people in acupuncture specifically before you became Correct. It was about 15 hundred hours master’s degree which is approximately a four year degree after college. Somebody that’s not familiar with acupuncture, what would you tell them Like what does it do in the human body It’s not as scary as it sounds. Haha. Hmm, acupuncture is one tool that we can use as acupuncturists to regulate body energy. We call it Chi but regardless of what you want to call it, or believe it wholeheartedly or not, we are stimulating.

This to the body using this point system to help invigorate and energize the body. Yep. Opening up meridians and one of the meridians we’re actually talking about today, I don’t even know if it’s meridian, but the thyroid right It’s not a meridian but I can kind a make some correlations for sure. So it’s this gland. Well, tell us a little bit about thyroid. What does it do Sure. Thyroid is as you put on your throat. It’s located in our throat. The thyroid gland think of it as your gas pedal. I mean it is your metabolism.

So one of the most common things that we treat here are low thyroids. If you have a low thyroid you’re not pushing on the gas pedal very fast and everything slows down. So how does that show up in your day What do you experience if you have a low thyroid A suffering energy levels for sure, depression, poor motivation, low libido, constipation among other things. Yeah before I came in here and started working with you, you had me fill out like this six page questionnaire and a lot of the questions were relative to energy and libido and all.

That other stuff. So what you do is you look at it from an integrative approach, much more of a functional way to really understand human body. My practice, though I’m an acupuncturist, I’m medical licensed and I do Chinese medicine, I have also form a specialty in functional blood chemistry and that really allows us to address things like thyroid because the ancient Chinese didn’t know what the thyroid was. They might, getting back to your meridian question, it might be like a gas spleen or kidney meridian which has to do with your.

Daily energy and longevity concepts. Let’s talk specifically about things that you would advise your clients to do outside of getting acupuncture to increase the gas pedal To give them more energy to help them out throughout the day Downturn blood sugar which means avoiding all the garbage. I mean you know, really, we have to really work hard at it on this stage. Odds are stacked against us just waking up in the morning. Okay. So balancing blood sugar would be cutting out things like sugar, dairy, wheat, gluten things like that.

Sure. Yes cause things that have dairy and gluten tend to be very simple in general and will lead to unstable blood sugar and on top of it is if you are sensitive to those things that would be inflammatory. That will cause stress on the system. That will slow the whole process down as well. Obviously sleep would be very important. Yeah. All the basic stuff you know, blood sugar and sleep and proper hydration. Yep. You bet. This is more of a woman problem as well that we’re dealing with. You tend to see low thyroid.

More on woman for sure. And it can impact getting pregnant you know fertility issues Yep. Certainly can. Different things like that It certainly can and in fact, female hormones have been known to sort of slightly turn down the thyroid activity which is interesting so if your viewers here have ever been on let’s say the birth control pill and now noticed the weight gain or difficulty losing weight, it’s a direct result of this hormone impacting thyroid system. I think that’s very common. Yeah and they wonder why they’re.

Not able to lose the weight to get the body that they want and then all could be relative to thyroid right Right. So the warning signs of an underactive thyroid can you tell us some of those I’ve heard that like losing hair Yeah we’ve talked about symptoms like the low energy, low drive and all that stuff but yeah the outer third of the eyebrow for some reason that’s a real common sign that you can just notice somebody on the street and kind of recognize their low thyroid issue. Yeah. Hair loss in general. You know, just.

Thinning of the hair in general. So you said there’s 23 things we don’t, we’re not gonna go through them all today but what are some of the other ones to tell us somebody has a low thyroid Well it would be mostly, to see through some of that you need to do a really intricate blood workup. Okay. The end result is low thyroid hormone. Low T3. That’s what you feel. How many steps are along the way is the question and that takes a really comprehensive blood workup. So somebody that wants to do this and maybe engaged in.

Having a functional practitioner like yourself look at the blood, what test would you recommend I recommend, the gold standard for the thyroid is the thyroid stimulating hormone TSH. That will tell you a tremendous amount right after that. We want T4, T3, T3 uptake and then perhaps Free T4 and Free T3 and for good measures some thyroid antibodies. Thyroid antibodies are immune system proteins that are attacking the thyroid. The leading cause of a low thyroid. And they can order them through you They certainly can. Okay, cool. 80 of the things.

I just mentioned are not getting streamed on a typical doctor’s office. Yeah. Coz I’ve never have test by western doc. I’ve always had T3 and T4 but none of the other ones you were talking about. So I know on the juicing community a lot of people are freaking out about goitrogenic foods in regards to this, what do you have to say about that Okay. For those of you who don’t know what goitrogen is, it’s a compound that can enter to the thyroid system and block the uptake of Iodine. Iodine is the essential nutrient.

For thyroid process so certain foods let’s just say cabbage is a known goitrogen. Kale. Kale. All of those cruciferous type vegetables tends to have this compounds in them. Please don’t stop eating those things. We need to eat those things you know so as you mentioned on juicing community that’s the only time that somebody can really impact the system is if they are drinking literally gallons of cabbage juice, so yes. I’ve been known to do that. Yeah, right, right. And even temporarily it’s probably gonna be just fine for you.

So I consider goitrogens for most people to be very, very safe. Cool. Because the reality is we’re not consuming we wanted to be that we would need to fully suppress the thyroid. Yeah people so worked up for that. It’s a 1960’s naturopathic model that sort of stuck. So we’ve talked about goitrogens that’s more for hypothyroid right Slowing of thyroid. How about for hyper Is there any food that people needs to be sensitive to There aren’t too many specific foods that I know of that are known triggers but.

I can always fall back on inflammatory foods like gluten and dairy. Those are some of the two most common. If you have a hyperthyroid condition, you have an autoimmune condition and so those foods are just known to drive it so if you’re telling your immune system to fight and kill what it remembers and if that’s your thyroid then you have grave’s disease. So our leaky gut place a big role on this right Having a gut inflammation where your white blood cells are actually sent to your gut area and you’re constantly fighting.

Off what it thinks, your body thinks as an infection. So you don’t have enough white blood cells when disease creeps in to fight it. You wanna talk a little bit more about that A good chunk of the immune systems something like 75 is located around the guts, intestines. It is the interface between the outside and the inside of our bodies so the more we are stimulating that with this foreign invaders so to speak, a lesser energy we have for other things but really what it’s doing is creating inflammation systematically. If your guts.

Are inflamed, your vessels are inflamed, your brain is inflamed, your thyroids are inflamed so they don’t work. Every single part will be. Okay. So we shot a tutorial on gut health and the week before was inflammatory foods, things to avoid so we went over 23 things, you guys can check that out as well but hopefully this was helpful to you and if you wanna order the tests I’m gonna leave them below here. If you’re in San Diego and you actually wanna come in and meet the man, the myth, the legend, you can do that. I’m about to.

Get a little acupuncture, if you guys have been following me for a while I hurt my neck probably month and a half, two months ago and it’s been flaring off and on so I think acupuncture has helped big time. You know truly freed up some of the chi you would say Some of the store Sure. Stock energy. Yep. So now it’s moving it feels better. Get back to the gym and do what I love doing so cool. Thanks my man. Thanks a lot. Easy enough. Alright, so who won the juicer this week We have Polly Love Gale! Polly, absolutely.

Amazing. She has been making all kinds of healthy food for her son and her son is absolutely transforming. She’s loving the recipes and because she’s doing that for her family, we’re gonna send her out a brand new juicer. So Polly love Gale, congratulations! You are the winner of Kuvings juicer this week. Alright my friend so I’m just leaving Jim, the acupuncturist, the guy that I introduced you guys to and wealth of information right Now we know that goitrogenic foods don’t really make that much of an impact as long as we’re not drinking.

Gallons of kale juice every single day or different goitrogenic foods right We also understand what it means to be hypothyroid versus hyper and how it is an autoimmune condition a lot of times you know it disguises as autoimmune condition and I really appreciated the fact that Jim actually talked about healing the gut as well and we are able to bring that forward because 70 80 percent of your immune system relies in your gut. So if we can start to fix that with the principles that I shared with you in the gut healing.

Saturday Strategy, overall your thyroid will have much more of an opportunity. So I believe that gas pedal analogy is perfect! And I want you to feel like you have energy, consistent energy all day long so that you can pursue what you want to pursue. You can live out your passion, whatever dream, desire you have in this life. That’s what this is about. So if I can interview experts, different people that can part their knowledge on you as well as me and help us, that’s what the very definition of we’re in this together means.

So I wanna help you with that and anything that I can do, if you guys have any questions, whatsoever, in regards to different experts, if it’s a naturopathic doctor and you have a question for them or acupuncturist, let me use my network of people to help you. And I’m totally able to do that and I wanna do that because I want you thriving. I don’t want you just getting by. I think getting by is a waste of time. I want you to feel optimum. I want you to feel like a superhuman right So those people that are close to you,.

Your friends, your family, the people that care about you, that you love look at you and you’re the demonstration. You inspire them to be a healthier person and that’s what I want. So if you want that as well, get this tutorial a big thumbs up. I know I’m driving, I am safe though, I’m not looking at the camera that much so if you’re out there and thinking he should not be driving and filming this, I’m being completely safe. I promise. And I appreciate bringing you on this journey. This ride of what we call life.

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