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Thyroid Function T3 And T4

Hello, I’m Dr. Thierry Hertoghe and I am the President of the International Hormone Society, a society from over the three thousand physicians worldwide and I treat many patients with thyroid deficiency what is very symptomatic and what we see on internet a lot many patients complain they’re not happy with their treatment. Either they don’t get treatment well they have all the complaints of thyroid deficiency either they are treated with thyroid hormones but they are treated with thyroxine which is one of the thyroid hormones but not enough for many pieces to feel good, they need also the.

Most active thyroid hormone, which is T3 So basically what i’ve seen is that many patients are within the laboratory reference ranges which holds the statistical ranges, which holds ninetyfive percent of all patients who go to that laboratory the entire retest and only two and a half percent are below and two and half are above. Well we treat also patients between the references because they are many stories out there and that you can find on the reference list of the consensus One, I believe, of thyroid treatment by the International Hormone Society.

Where you so that, no Its consensus 9 ,where they are reference ranges where there are more age related diseases and even more mortality when patients half lab tests that are in the reference range of normal, but low normal in the lower third at lower half of the reference range and so many of my patients to have these levels and have a lot of complaints have also urine levels of 24 hours and thyroid levels that are lower and we treat them and we see that we by doing what is called the therapeutic.

Thyroid t3 and t4 by Dr. Thierry Hertoghe at A4M Las Vegas 2012

Test the feel much better so basically I have two informations is to give and two advices is that you may treat scientifically and medically patients within the reference range with a lot of complaints of hypothyroidism and you will see that these general will improve on the condition to receive treatment that has not only t4 but also t3, so the t3 and t4 treatment a combination either are synthetic form or even better desiccated thyroid coming from animal mostly from pork. You have a very slow absorption of the t3 and t3 for this project.

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