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Thyroid Function Test Diabetes

String music Now I’m going to tell you one more thing. I want to get this into the whole discussion about thyroid, but you need the only test that’s accurate is not T three, T four, or TSH. It is the underarm thermometer test. Voiceover Say that again Underarm thermometer. Thermometer foreign language Say it again. foreign language The normal in Centigrade that you have is between 36.44 and 36.8. If it’s less than 36.44, it’s hypothyroid. If you get a higher than 36.8, relatively speaking, it will be hyper.

So you want that your range. Voiceover So if it’s less it’s hypo Correct. Voiceover In the morning, in the morning Okay, listen, first thing in the morning before you move, you don’t get out of bed, you don’t get up, you lay there and you roll over and get your thermometer and put it under your arm for 10 minutes. You’re gonna take an average because in women you’ve got your period, and your menses, and temperature’s change, and all that. Simply just take an average.

Nothing is that accurate. T threes and T fours basically are 50 accurate. TSH is more accurate, and people use it as the standard, but again, it’s got big downside problems. For example, when you take iodine, your TSH rises. Would it make you think, well I’ve got hypothyroidism Well no. Your TSH rises because that hormone is needed to bring, there’s a thing called NES, which is an enzyme that brings iodine into all the systems. It’s a carrier system. It will bring iodine into your ovaries, iodine into your breasts,.

The GoldStandard Thyroid Function Test Gabriel Cousens MD

Iodine into your prostate, iodine into your adrenals. TSH will be activated to help do that. So people get confused and they go, oh, it’s hypothyroid. It’s not what’s going on. If you’re taking it and your TSH goes up, and it may go up for six months, it’s because it’s trying to now stimulate the NES system to bring iodine into the rest of the cells and glands. Did everybody follow what I just said So if you’re thinking, TSH, I’m getting hypo That’s not what goes on. Voiceover mumbles.

Men will have a temperature under mumbles. That’s what I just said. Voiceover Even if they have TSH of two. So they have to take the iodine in order to treat it. Yes. I’m saying probably. I’m gonna say yes, a high percentage of people are iodine deficient and consequently, thyroid deficient. 96 we see in the U. S., 72 around the world. Obviously, iodine deficient, you’re gonna be hypothyroid. So it’s a high percentage. But the way you measure it, I’ve just given you. When you take an average a few times a week,.

And you can kind of get enough data to see is the temperature going up or not. It may take a few weeks to do that. That kinda is your feedback system. Okay. Voiceover What’s wrong with measuring the temperature with other means It’s not as stable or accurate. So the gold standard test is what evolves is this one. That’s all I can say. The mouth, you got a gum infection, you got this thing, that thing, it’s not as accurate. Voiceover And the ear Yeah, again, they just,.

I know what you’re saying, they just haven’t been using it. So they’ve just stuck with this over the years. Maybe the ear thing is true, but then you have to do standard in all the testing. What Voiceover They didn’t mumbles That’s what I’m saying. Voiceover So just to understand, so if you find out that you have too much activity of the thyroid, hyperthyroid, that means that you actually missing iodine, and that you need to add iodine In almost all cases, yes. Voiceover mumbles.

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