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Thyroid Gland Depression Anxiety

Hi i’m allen peters, physician healthy aging expert from nourishingwellness and I’m here today for About to share with you how to do a SelfTest for Thyroid Problems. This is a very simple exam which I do on every patient that I see, and you can do on yourself. You put your head back and feel for the thyroid cartilage. You feel both sides of the cartilage, and you might feel a small amount of soft tissue. You can exaggerate the tissue or exaggerate the thyroid cartilage by swallowing several times. If you feel more than a small amount.

Of tissueif you feel a swelling or lumps or bumps this may be indicative on an enlarged thyroid or thyroid nodules which could be benign or malignant. If you do feel something large you should see your . If he or she agrees the next step is usually getting an ultrasound. Now I want to mention that there are also some lumps behind the cartilage on the side of the neck, and these are just lymph nodes. Im talking about the actual thyroid cartilage itself and the gland that is right there in.

That particular area. by the way, i want to emphasize that you could have an abnormal thyroid without being able to feel anything. It can be either hypothyroid or hyperthyroid. So if you are having symptoms of an increased metabolic rate like high blood pressure and palpitations and anxiety and nervousness to a great degree. Or if you are having slow down symptoms of slowdown metabolism like being tired and fatigued and depressed and low blood pressure and low pulse rate and constipated and hair falling out, then you.

Hormonal Imbalance in Women Chronic Fatigue Stress and Weight Gain

Can you relate? hey it’s mariah from mariahdolan , your busy mom headquarters to help you love the skin you’re in and today I’m getting personal. So personal, that I’m sharing all my private lab tests with you. So what do my lab tests have to do with you and how can you benefit from this information? 1. Because I’m the perfect example of somebody who was doing all the right things, and still got sick. So if you’re gaining weight, fatigued all.

The time, can’t focus, are stressed/anxious/irritable or depressed, have ruthless pms symptoms wreaking hormone havoc and you have no idea why because you’re doing all the right things, you need to watch this tutorial. Secondly, if you’ve been shuffled around from to telling you there’s nothing wrong with you and you’re normal, you need to watch this tutorial. Over the past year, I’ve been struggling with some health issues that I didn’t want to tell you about, primarily because I’m a physical.

Therapist, personal trainer and a health coach. how can i possibly have any health issues? I’m supposed to be the model of optimum health, right? But here’s the deal. I’m human too. Just because I have a fancy health education doesn’t make me immune to disease. So I decided that if I withhold my personal health struggles from you, what a disservice that is. What if right now, you’re experiencing the same symptoms that I have? I want you to be able to use me as an example.

Of what to do, and what not to do, so that you don’t have to struggle like i did. One year ago, I started getting tired, like reeeeeeeallly tired. My alarm clock would go off, and I would just lay there and think, oh my gosh, I will cut off my right arm for 20 more minutes of sleep! The problem was, this incredible sense of fatigue I had, never went away, even if I got enough sleep. So that was warning sign 1. Eventually, I’d roll out of bed, drag my sluggish.

Body downstairs to workout before my kids woke up. I’d complete my workout, and literally feel like I did nothing. Seriously, not a drop of sweat on my body, not even that glow that you get like when you just worked out. So that was warning sign 2. Warning sign 3: I started gaining weight. Now this was the most frustrating symptom of all, because I was doing all the right things. I was eating clean, I was working out, yet I was storing fat around my midsection.

And couldn’t help it. warning sign 4 I had constant PMS symptoms. (Again, another fun one.) I had breast tenderness and swelling, bloating, water retention, irritability, and the strongest highfat highcarb cravings I’ve ever had. The best way I can describe it is always feeling like you’re just about to get your period. That’s how I felt.all. the. time. Warning sign 5 I started spotting between periods. Then my.

Periods started getting closer together, then every 2 weeks, to where i eventually never stopped bleeding. And this went on for 2 months. So you can imagine this was the symptom that finally did me in. It was a physical symptom that I couldn’t make an excuse for. So I went to my like most people would where she ran some blood tests, and there was nothing wrong with me. Then I went to my gynecologist about the prolonged bleeding, she ordered a vaginal ultrasound and yep, nothing wrong with me.

She prescribed birth control pills, 20 mcg of estrogen per day, to get me back on track. And I’ll tell you, something just didn’t sit right with me that we were throwing something at my symptoms without knowing why. Plus birth control pills aren’t recommended for women over the age of 35. And yep, I’m over 35! So here I was, feeling like crap, with nothing wrong with me. So, I started doing all the wrong things like eating sugar and drinking caffeine because.

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