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Thyroid Non Functioning Symptoms

Hello Jagmohan ji, Hello sir Welcome to our Planet Ayurveda centre. We would like to know that where have you come from We have come from Ludhiana. Tell us something about your patient and what was his problem The patient’s name is Mr. Devendra pal singh. He is my younger brother. He was suffering from kidney disorder, 45 months back we came to know that both his kidneys were not working. Immediately we started his treatment from a doctor in Ludhiana. At that time his creatinine levels were very low. After three months of taking the treatment we thought that his condition would have improved but on the contrary his condition was worsening. Both his kidneys were rapidly deteriorating.

His serum creatinine levels overshot to 21. His blood urea levels reached up to 363 and serum uric acid levels reached approximately 10.5. There was no visible improvement in his health. Then my son, Inder pal singh told me about Planet Ayurveda. So I came to this Planet Ayurveda centre and consulted Dr Vikram Chauhan about my patient’s health condition. Dr Vikram Chauhan assured us that we can start the treatment with Planet Ayurveda and we will be greatly benefited. So approximately one month back, we started taking treatment from here.

After one month of taking the treatment we repeated all the tests and we came to know. The creatinine level has fallen from 21 to 7.8 and the urea level has fallen from 363 to just 62 and the uric acid levels which were approximately 10.5 have also fallen to 4.7. The patient’s health has improved greatly. This is a tremendous improvement. Mr Jagmohan singh ji, as described by you there has been a lot of improvement in your brother Devendra’s health. His creatinine level has fallen from 21 to 7 and his urea and uric acid levels have also fallen,.

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So we would like to know, for our other patients that what was the diet plan that you were asked to follow along with the herbal medicines which led to such great results. First of all I would like to tell you what according to Dr Vikram was not to be taken by the patient. Like citrus fruit juices were to be avoided, Pulses were also to be avoided, No nonvegetarian food and alcohol, No cheese, milk and milk products, Tomato and brinjal also to be avoided, So we did not give these food items to the patient.

He also asked us to give sabut dana kheer Sago milk pudding which has low potassium. And all green vegetables were to be cut and boiled before they were given to the patient. We are accordingly following the diet plan. In fruits Papaya, Pear and apple were to be given. Jagmohan singh ji, do you want to give a message to other patients of kidney disorders Yes I would like to leave a message for them that, they should also visit Planet Ayurveda and take treatment from here. I can assure them that just as my brother was greatly relieved and benefited, they will also be benefited.

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