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Thyroid Not Functioning

Welcome to the vital life show. I’m Doctor Janine Bowring and today’s episode is all about how to boost your thyroid gland and let’s start with the symptoms of a low functioning thyroid which is really common I’ve seen it in so many of my patients a thyroid gland is actually located here at the front of the neck and it’s common for both men more commonly for women to have a low thyroid function and it can be when i call subclinical hypothyroidism in which the doctor says that your thyroid hormones are normal.

However you still have the symptoms and symptoms include feeling cold having a slower metabolism your hair may be falling out you could have frequent headaches lack of energy which is probably one of the number one reason why my patients coming to see me is that you know they’re just feeling low in energy you may also have constipation dry skin you may notice that your face looks a little bit puffy this is really common with low thyroid function. your cholesterol levels may be a little bit elevated and also as the goes on you may start to feel depressed so.

These are all you know very common symptoms in so many women by it it is often related to what’s called a subclinical low thyroid function so what can you do about it naturally while first and foremost I always talk about detoxification this is key because a lot of the toxins of course that were exposed to on a daily basis filter through the thyroid gland so one of the things that I do recommend at the change of each season is that everybody does detoxification protocol taking something that addresses.

Boost Your Thyroid Gland VitaLife Show Episode 105

Especially heavy metal toxins because heavy metals like mercury, barium, aluminum we’re all exposed to do concentrate and actually sit in the thyroid causing a lot difficulties there and a low thyroid function which means slower metabolism difficulty losing weight so one of the greatest things you can do with the allaround body detox that addresses the heavy metal. I actually created Vitadetox provided by RJ Nutritionals so pleased to look that up at vitatree as a comprehensive gentle yet very effective detox for all the internal organs addressing those heavy metals actually traps those heavy.

Metals toxins and helps to flush out of the body but also have to cleanse the thryoid gland that’s really important another thing that people don’t realize is that the liver isn’t very much related to the proper functioning a the active thyroid hormones the conversion of t4 to t3 happens in the livers so if you’re not addressing your liver and detoxifying your liver then you’re actually you know missing the boat in terms of having a healthy thyroid function so that’s really important that’s why in the Vitadetox I included liver detoxification within the formulation to.

Help the thyroid gland Vitadetox is really easy to take. Just two capsules twice a day and another way to so to find out if you thyroid it actually low functioning is to take your basal body temperature and normal temperature should be around 30 6.4 degrees Celsius 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit anything that’s lower than 97.7 degrees Fahrenheit is the equivalent having a low thyroid function in the way that you take your basal body temperature is actually take it first thing in the morning and I want you have your thermometer right beside your bed you can’t move see can’t.

Get out and use the washroom do anything as soon as you wake up first thing in the morning take your temperature my mouth is probably the easiest way to do it with some people like to do it under the arm as well and you can chart your temperature over about three to four weeks and if it’s consistently a low temperature then you know that their may in fact be something wrong and you may have a low thyroid function one of the easiest way the natural ways to actually get the thyroid to function.

More efficiently is to do hot called contracting hydrotherapy on the thyroid gland though the easiest way to do this as have two bowls of water one with hot water one with cold water and two face clothes and you start with the warm so start with your warm face cloth and put that on the thyroid for about two minutes any use the cold one and put that on for as long as you can stand it have course What this is doing is forcing the blood flowing into the thyroid gland which can really boost its function go back and forth.

Threetime so hot cold hot cold hot cold always end with cold great way to naturally stimulate that functioning of your thyroid gland. I thank you for joining me today be sure to leave your comments below and if you have any questions as well I do get back to it to everyone that comments and be sure to like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter at Vitatree and remember to subscribe to this YouTube channel and check out all over other tutorials we have. We’re always loading up new tutorials onto YouTubewith the vital life shows the check out.

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