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Thyroid Storm Anatomy And Physiology

Critical Care Paramedic 12 Endocrine Emergencies

MUSIC PLAYING So just to give you a little bit of who I am, my name is Christina Megal. I am a registered nurse. My background is emergency nursing. I was an ER nurse for 12 years. And then a year ago, I became certified as a wound and ostomy nurse.

So I currently work at Froedtert and Community Memorial on the inpatient wound and ostomy team. But I also teach for them. I teach the trauma nurse core curriculum. And I’m ACLS faculty. And I teach that for both Froedtert and Aurora. So like Mark, I have one of these schedules that’s, who am I today?.

And where am I working? And then I was recently hired to be part of the faculty at Alverno College in their nursing program. So I’ll be starting that this fall. So again, little bit of everything everywhere. But I’ve stayed connected to the emergency nursing, emergency medicine world through teaching.

And I’m certified, national certified, since 2001 and have maintained that certification as well. Well, we have the morning together, Mark has informed me. So we are going to start with everybody’s, anybody have a great love and passion for endocrine? Little bit of a hand. I know.

It’s one of those really tough, tough specialties. Because it’s not outwardly obvious as to what’s going on with a person. And it really requires a significant skill in that physical assessment, in history gathering, to start to put the puzzle pieces together. So I know you guys are all experienced. You all have a great book.

And when I put together the talk for this morning, I really wanted to focus on case studies. Because I think real patient scenarios really bring this stuff to life and can paint the picture for us of how you can have true endocrine emergencies. We all know people who are diabetic, right? Someone, some extended fam maybe a family member, extended family, friends, or whatnot.

And there are a lot of people that manage their diabetes well and never end up in these situations. But then we’re going to have some undiagnosed endocrine situation going on. You’re going to have that undiagnosed diabetic who is near the brink of coma or in a coma related. And we need to know how to respond to them. So that’s where we’re going to start,.

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