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Cara Camiolo Reddy We are the only program in the United States..to have ACGMEaccredited programs in spinal cord injury,..pediatric rehabilitation,..sports medicine..and traumatic brain injury or brain injury medicine. So I think this is a great opportunity..for fellows to come in and collaborate with fellows in the other fields as well. And this also speaks to the opportunity that UPMC offers to fellows as they come in for their training. Dr. Amy Houtrow The pediatric rehabilitation medicine fellowship is housed at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC,.

.which is a top10 children’s hospital in the United States. That, coupled with the top3 PMR department, makes our program specifically unique. One of the key aspects of our training program is to be able to provide rehabilitation services..for those really special and complicated children. Christopher Lunsford That’s the only way to really function as a children’s rehab doctor..is to have all your child’s doctors and specialists here to be able to work with them, in order to get the child the best care that they need. Erin Murdock When I was a resident and started out in the program.

.there was only 1 pediatric physiatrist at this hospital. And, while I was going through residency, that number quickly expanded to 5. Which shows that UPMC has a big dedication to this program, and how invested they are into making sure that if they are going to start a pediatric rehabiltation program..that it’s going to be the best. Amanda Harrington The spinal cord injury fellowship at UPMC..is an ACGMEapproved fellowship that has been in place for over a decade, producing lots of excellent spinal cord injury fellows. Anybody entering this spinal cord injury fellowship completes a 4year residency.

Pitt PMRs Rare 4 Fellowships

.in physical medicine and rehabilitation. And then does 1 additional year of training in spinal cord injury. Camiolo Reddy The brain injury medicine fellowship here at the University of Pittsburgh is housed..here at UPMC Mercy on our 18bed, inpatient brain injury unit. Our fellowship is 1 of 3 ACGMEapproved fellowships in the United States., and we’re happy to say that. It will first start in the July of 2015 academic year. Shailen Woods We will be accepting our first sports medicine fellow under our new ACGME accreditation for the 201516 academic year.

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