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Thyroid Surgery Consultation

Dr. Zageh This is a young lady who’s got a left thyroid lesion and it’s been biopsied as cystic and complex, and it’s a large lesion and a suspicious biopsy, so we’re doing a left hemithyroidectomy, mostly for diagnostic reasons. And also, she was having some compressive symptoms so what we’re doing now, we’ve just dissected the upper part of her thyroid which is very vascular, so we took out all of the vessels. We’re just separating some tissues so we can identify the recurrent laryngeal nerve, the nerve that actually controls her vocal chord movement and her speech.

So once we have that found, we can remove the remainder of the thyroid. We’re doing this through a smaller incision than normal, that’s why we have so many retraction stretching the wound open because she’s a young lady and I’m mostly using Dr. Honrado’s assistance because he’s a plastic surgeon and through the precision of the incision, also closing the incision after careful incision because this lady does not want to have a very noticeable scar afterwards, which we can provide to her. Thank you, Dr. Honrado. She was having Dysphagia symptoms she couldn’t swallow. When she would swallow, she would.

Feel a mass in her neck. This is the nodule here. This is the thyroid nodule here. This is the part that we’ve cut, separated it from the surrounding tissue, the vascular supply. Now I am just teasing it out. She’s got a very large gland but it’s half of the thyroid. We’re also using something called a Covidien ligature. The reason we’re using it is because ot’s a minimal invasive technique to separate vessels from each other, dissect vessels and cauterize vessels in a small incision within a small incision space. Doctor Honrado Do you need to flip it over.

Thyroidectomy Performed by Dr. Zadeh 855.360.9119

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