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Thyroid Surgery Dallas

It’s a call that’s telling me I’m here to serve. It’s a need to make a difference in the world. 24 hours day or night these healing hands will make it right. Looking in their eyes I know that I’m changing lives, changing lives, changing lives for the better, for the better, changing lives. And hi again everyone, Jim Knox along with Kandace Krueger and welcome to another edition of the Best Docs Network featuring some of the best doctors and procedures in the Dallas Fort Worth area helping change people’s lives. That’s right, like our.

First doctor, weight loss surgeon Dr. Phillip Swanson. Before I went to see Dr. Swanson I was two hundred and something pounds. I had a two year old little girl. I was on the sidelines a lot you know. Always that big parent, not very healthy, not very active and I wanted to participate more with her in her life and the things that were going on with her. She was two, she was walking, running and very active so that’s what drove me to see Dr. Swanson. The advantage of the sleeve is that when you remove that part of.

The stomach you change the communication of your insides. People think of the stomach as just a bag to hold some food and it makes some acid and yeah there it is. No, the stomach is an amazing organ. It manufactures several hundred chemicals that communicate to the pancreas and the liver and the brain and the fatty tissues and all that communication goes on all the time. So, when you remove part of the stomach, you change that communication and that’s when amazing things happen. Within two weeks, three weeks of the surgery I had.

Best Docs Network Dallas Fort Worth September 30 2012

Already had dramatic weight loss. To date it’s been a year from my surgery and I’ve lost 120 pounds. Life has changed dramatically. When I go to the doctor, my doctor is just floored at the progress that I’ve made. People seem to have a place where they live as far as their weight. They’ve been 300 pounds for the past 10 years. Their stomach and their brain and their fatty tissue communicates and says you need to live at 300. When you change that communication on the day of surgery, their brain now thinks you should weigh 160.

When your brain thinks you should be 160 and is getting the signals from the fatty tissue saying oh we’ve got all this extra reserve out here, the brain says we’ve got plenty of energy, we don’t need to eat and these people are not hungry. It’s amazing. If I hadn’t had the surgery, I don’t know what it would be like to be honest. I mean I just I wasn’t there. I work out 3 or 4 times a week and it’s not hard, it’s easy now and before it was just so hard. It hurt my knees, it just wasn’t fun and now I can.

Go to the gym and I don’t mind wearing the gym clothes and it’s great, it’s fantastic. So reflux disease can be treated initially with taking medications. Antacids, over the counter medications are very common. When your reflux become more severe, then people tend to go on to medications on a daily basis which is really not what those medications are designed for. I was always having to worry about taking medicine, having the medicine with me and really had to watch what I ate. I had the heartburn and everything for about.

Probably five or six years before I finally went to the doctor and did something about it. Medications are really a chemical treatment for a mechanical problem. We’re chemically changing the composition of the fluid but we’re not changing the mechanics that keep the fluid in the compartment where it’s supposed to be and that’s what surgery does. When I went to see Dr. Ihde he explained to me what was actually going on and then we just set up a scope to go in and check and see if I did have a hiatal hernia and what.

Exactly was going on. The fundoplication procedure is done with a new device called the esophyx device and we pass that with a TV camera into the mouth and down the esophagus and into the stomach. And then it folds back on itself so that we can attach to the junction of the esophagus in the stomach and it has a flap that will fold the fundus part of the stomach on to the esophagus and then put the sutures in. The surgery went in and corrected the hiatal hernia where the stomach had gone up through my diaphragm and he fixed that and.

Then the transoral incisionless fundoplication rebuild the valve so that the stomach acid couldn’t come back up my esophagus. We usually have them on a two week diet of liquids, soups and then we spend the next four weeks with soft foods. And then at six weeks they can go back to eating the beef, chicken, raw fruits and vegetables those sorts of things that are a little harder to get down and would put more strain on the repair. I’m not in pain every day. I don’t have to worry about when and where I’ve got to take medicine.

I can eat whatever I want, it’s been great. It’s changed my life for sure. Cindy had trouble losing weight until she met Dr. Kim. To find out more about Cindy’s story and other life changing stories, logon to bestdocsnetwork. Best Docs Network DFW is presented by Forest Park Medical Center, extraordinary is all we do. Before I came to see Dr. Pero I was suffering with chronic sinus infections and congestion and facial pressure, pain. So, my family doctor had referred me to him to correct these issues. When a patient comes.

In and complains of not being able to breathe, you have to address it in two different manners. The first is do they have a functional problem. Is there something that is going wrong with how the nose is supposed to function and the second one being is there an architectural problem. Is there physically something in the way that needs to be corrected in order to improve the problem After Dr. Pero examined me he ordered some imaging studies and it showed that I had a deviated septum. So when Ann first came in to see me we talked primarily.

About the function of her nose. She had a pretty severe deviated septum to one side that was clearly blocking not only her airflow but it was also contributing to some recurring sinus problems that she had. And so ultimately we discussed correcting the deviated septum to correct not only the airflow through her nose but also to help her with her sinus problems. At the same time she had concerns about the external appearance of her nose and so we addressed performing those at the same time which for a number of reasons is not only.

Easier but technically beneficial to do at the same time. Along with the surgical procedure for the repair of my deviated septum, I inquired if Dr. Pero could repair a small bump that I had on my nose. All of my family has it on my mom’s side. I’ve always been extremely bothered by this bump. He said sure it would be a very simple thing to do and I’m very pleased with the results. Ultimately we did that. We addressed the outside shape of her nose while also addressing the inside of her nose. We’re not only into improve her nasal.

Airflow but also correct her chronic sinus problems as well. I’m forever grateful to Dr. Pero for fixing those issues and getting rid of the bump, helping with my selfesteem and loving my look a lot more. Recovery is well tolerated. Typically we tell patients to expect to be out of work for three or four days. It could be up to a week in some patients cases but it just depends on the patient. Dr. Pero and his staff, they’re very helpful and made me feel very comfortable and confident going in to the surgery. We have an epidemic.

Of diabetes going on in America at this time. Diabetes is high blood sugar. Normally your blood sugar should be less than 100. We define diabetes as a blood sugar of 126 or higher. If you have a blood sugar of 100 to 125, that’s called prediabetes. If you don’t do something about it at that point it will develop into diabetes almost for sure. What’s bad about having diabetes Well, it damages every blood vessel in your body that can result in vision problems even blindness. It can cause kidney failure and heart attacks or strokes. None.

Of those are good things. To prevent or treat diabetes, the best thing you can do is lose weight. That will help the most. Also, eating an ADA, that’s the American Diabetes Association diet will help. You can find that on the internet at multiple websites. So, if you have high blood sugar, exercise, eat right and things should get better. Remember sugar is sweet, but you don’t want to be too sweet. Mike who loves his job working at a hospital had chronic neck, shoulder and back pain until he met Dr. Peter Baek. To find out more about.

Mike’s story and other life changing stories, logon to bestdocsnetwork. I woke up on a Sunday morning and I had this awful, awful pain. It was like I was hurting everywhere. But I knew it was like my head and my balance. I couldn’t get my balance. So I told my wife I don’t feel good, I think you need to take me to the hospital. Went in and the surgeon on duty examined me and they gave me cat scans and she told me that she saw a mass in my head that wasn’t supposed.

To be there and she couldn’t tell me exactly what it was but she wanted me to see a neurologist. He was having some problems with not only headaches but not being himself too. Ultimately he got seen by a neurologist who did an MRI who discovered the very large tumor and he was placed on seizure medications and referred to me for a resection of his tumor. Yeah, you got a big one she said but we can handle this, you gonna be okay and she started drawing. She drew a skull, my skull and she drew what a tumor was and she just went to work and.

She drew that entire table, what pictures, how she was going to go in and cut it and get it out. It was very unusual for us to find one that large and that had been that locally destructive of so much of his tissue that it ended up requiring so much more in terms of reconstruction because it was not only just the resection of the tumor that was so important in him but we needed to give him back normal contours so that he looked normal in public after the surgery. Knowing that she was confident and she knew what she.

Was doing and everything she told me, that’s the way it came out. And he’s been doing very well for many years now. We’ve never seen any signs of any residual tumor. He sees us about once a year and is doing very well and enjoying a very active lifestyle and enjoying his retirement. I’m blessed. Every day I wake up I think about her, she did it you know. That’s my way of telling it. Here we are 7 years later, you know. That’s my best buddy. The way I met Dr. James, he actually coaches my daughter’s soccer team.

He had overheard a conversation I was having with another mother saying that one of my MRI’s had come back and that my thyroid didn’t look quite right but I really wasn’t really putting a whole lot into it because I didn’t really have any of the symptoms. Patients with thyroid problems can range in two different areas. One is if they have hyperthyroidism and they feel tired, rundown and they’ll have a change in appetite, sometimes hair loss and in some cases patients will have a thyroid nodule, an enlarged thyroid and.

That’s typically when they get sent to myself or an ear, nose and throat surgeon to evaluate. After I had all of the tests done, my husband and myself went into his office and met with Dr. James to discuss how we were going to move forward after they had found some A typical cells In my thyroid. In the case of Ruth, she presented from her primary care as a referral for an evaluation of a thyroid nodule. She underwent a needle biopsy of the thyroid nodule which showed evidence of possible cancerous cells. We took her to the operating room and.

Performed a biopsy of that portion of her thyroid gland and during surgery, the pathologist reported that in fact it was a thyroid cancer. We took the rest of her thyroid out in that same setting and removed all thyroid tissue completely. I really expected to be in more pain. The first two days are pretty rough but after that you know it wasn’t nearly as bad as what I thought it was gonna be. She stayed in the hospital for one night and went home the following day and after approximately a week was back to normal activity and doing.

Well. If it wasn’t for Dr. James I think I would have blown it off if he would not have said, hey this is kind of serious and it’s more important than you know fixing your neck and you need to really put more attention towards this. It’s so important you know to go and have those tests done, to take that extra step, make the time. You know with four kids I have an extremely busy schedule and you know I just had to put everything aside and say okay, right now I’m more important. Don’t forget, for more information on any.

Of the doctors you’ve seen on today’s show, head to the network, bestdocsnetwork. That’s right, now it’s time to head to our next doctor, Dr. Patrick Allen. For me it was more a matter of we had our son, he was five and we were trying to find different options besides birth control. I was on birth control for a number of years and was not feeling very well from it and so we wanted to find other options of permanent birth control because we had decided to just have one child. The essure is a way to do a permanent sterilization.

In an office setting which is without having to use general anesthesia. When we do the procedure we do a paracervical block which is like a local anesthetic we put in the cervix to help the cervix when we, usually don’t have to dilate but when you put your scope through sometimes it causes some cramping. The procedure is they go in and insert coils into your tubes and over time, it was like a three month period of time that your body just naturally produces a scar tissue. Once we can see them, we just try to place the.

Coils. There’s a little tiny, they’re very small, we place them into the tube and then we release and then we go to the other side and do the same thing and then if it goes well within five minutes you’re done. And then you’ll go back in after that three month period and they shoot up a dye and they make sure, I mean you can see it. I was able to watch it on the machine to where sure enough it had worked. Probably the biggest advantage is it’s just not a lot of down time. I mean you don’t have to put the patient to sleep.

They don’t have any issues with general anesthesia. That’s what sold me on it, that it was an office procedure. I wasn’t going to have to be cut on, I wasn’t going to have to go under any kind of anesthesia. I am extremely happy with the results to know that going forward, you know, I don’t have to any longer rely on birth control, remembering to take my birth control or having the ill effects from it. That it’s now a permanent thing and my husband and I can enjoy each other and not have to worry about anything.

That we get to enjoy our family of three and that’s how it’s going to be and so it’s been, it’s been a great worry free experience. For some of the best doctors and latest procedures in your area, logon to the bestdocsnetwork. The Best Docs Network brings the specialists right to your fingertips. Check out some of the best doctors performing and talking about their latest procedures as well as changing people’s lives. It’s the bestdocsnetwork and also be sure to connect with us on Facebook at facebookbdndoctortutorials. Many of us.

Live with pain, but you don’t have to, PAMA’s here to help. Whether it’s sports injuries, arthritis or joint pain, the physicians of PAMA are dedicated to your wellness and getting you back to painfree gains. So what are you waiting for, go to pamainc and find a physician or orthopedic specialist who can help you stop pain and live life to its fullest again. PAMA, pain freedom, go to pamainc. We treat a lot of various diseases that have chronic pain and musculoskeletal pain is one of the big categories. Within the category.

Of musculoskeletal pain, you have people that have fibromyalgia, lots of other directly related skeletal problems and one of the more controversial diseases that you have is chronic Lyme disease. I had been experiencing pain from my head to my toes and I had been to numerous doctors and I knew there had to be something different, something better because I knew I couldn’t live this way and I did not know what the pain was. I found Dr. Shaw in 2002. During our first visit he asked me where my pain was and I said there is not.

A place in my body that I do not hurt and he said well fibromyalgia you don’t hurt from head to toe. He said have you ever been tested for Lyme disease Gloria had several problems. She had the myofascial pain, she had joint pain, still does. She had what we call neuromatosis. She had some nerves operated on because of pain. She had severe headaches and some of her headaches are vascular, some are migraine. I get to visit my family that live in Oklahoma. I can make an occasional car trip. I can do things that I didn’t.

Think I was ever going to be able to do again. He listens to every ache and pain you have and because of the medications and his treatment plan we have got to where I am today. Several years after we started treating Gloria, one day she came in all smiles and she said for the last two weeks, I’ve not hurt at all. In someone that’s had chronic pain for years, it’s an incredible miracle. During my visits with Dr. Shaw, one of the things that we have discussed is not only mentally but physically to achieve pain freedom and each visit I feel.

Like we are getting closer and closer to that objective. Before seeing Dr. Sorin I was experiencing awful migraines. I’d seen a lot of different neurologists, I’d seen plastic surgeons, I’d seen pain management physicians and I’d even gone the nontypical route and seen people like herbalists, massage therapists and acupuncturists. Patricia was probably more associated with a musculoskeletal instability and just compression of nerves based on the muscles and once we started working on calming those nerves down, releasing those nerves, Patricia had an almost 180 degree turnaround. He asked me a little bit about my headaches.

And the first thing he really targeted on he said well do you get nausea, do you have any kind of sensitivity to light or sound when you get your headaches And I said no, I don’t have any of that. And he’s like well you don’t have a traditional migraine, you have basically what’s a tension headache. Literally the first time I ever saw her it was really a do or die because she really was visiting the emergency department maybe three or four times a month just to get some sort of transient relief based on her headaches.

He did shots on my head and in my shoulders and he could even say he saw in his machinery how tense and tight that muscle was. Ten minutes after the treatment I felt 90 per cent better and I literally was almost in tears because I’m like this is the first time I haven’t been to the ER, had to you know take off a day from work. Every once in a while we’ll get a patient who has a chronic headache that’s been going on for decades and then other times.

We’ll get patients who may come in here who are not headache suffers at baseline but their primary care physicians or the emergency departments around the area will send them in because they have these intractable headaches that may have started even anywhere close to a week or ten days prior to coming in. So we kind of have a multifaceted approach to it. Some patients we can just try and see if we can find the trigger of the headache. So he’s totally changed my life in that I feel confident being able to take vacation,.

Being able to get on a plane, being able to go, this last September I just visited my sister in Paris which was an amazing trip and she’s been over there five years so it was nice to finely be able to do that. Denise’s passion is tending to her show dogs but had trouble doing that due to chronic pain in her hands until she met Dr. Troum. To find out more about Denise’s story and other life changing stories, logon to bestdocsnetwork. I was 342 pounds at my largest weight and was diabetic on insulin before my surgical procedure,.

The duodenal switch. I also had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and obstructive sleep apnea. I was on at my peak nine medications. The duodenal switch is a sleeve gastric band which you remove approximately twothirds or a little bit more of the stomach but instead of removing it in a horizontal plane and removing the valve at the bottom of the stomach you make the staple line in a vertical plane, maintain the valve at the bottom of the stomach and then you divide the small intestine which is the duodenum just below that valve and.

That’s where the term duodenal switch comes from. You basically divide the duodenum and switch in the ilium which is a lower part of the small intestine. I was at a point in my life where I was well over 100 pounds overweight and so statistically speaking diet and exercise less than five per cent success rate and so I knew for me it would take a surgical procedure to lose the weight permanently. And he’s just had really, really good results. He’s also become a great advocate of the surgery. After I did his surgery and after he started.

Losing weight I started getting a steady stream of his patients coming to see me and of course they were all very well informed because he taught them about it ahead of time and everything. I lost my diabetes within a few weeks, stopped all my medications the day after surgery and within six, seven months had lost the majority of all of my weight. By nine months I had stabilized pretty much and reached a low. I started at 342 maximum, reached a low of 159, I’ve leveled at 170 and stayed there for over two years now, no problems. My approach.

To all patients is try to educate them first of all about the different surgery options and of course duodenal switch would be one of those options. The last almost three years I think we’ve had over 40 people come to his practice specifically looking for duodenal switch just having seen the results in me, seeing the results in my patients, and their family and friends. I lost my teeth and had dentures at an early age in my early thirties and I suffered from periodontal disease. They were ill fitting and I started suffering from.

Burning mouth syndrome. Susan is a remarkable case because she did lose her teeth beginning at a very early age. She put her dentures in with a lot of glue, went to work, it started to hurt so much, but of course she can’t go without her teeth. She has to wear them, so she endures this pain through her work day, comes home, takes pain medicine, takes her teeth out, goes to a dark room and goes to sleep. We talked about the procedure, about removing some of the bone on the top and bottom on the gums so that I could get a proper fit.

We took out the remaining teeth, we placed implants in a bone and we attached teeth to the implants. It entails just four screws implanted on the top and the bottom. Then the teeth are made with the holes and they’re attached. We can place the implants, attach the teeth to it the same day and now they go home and they’re using teeth all in one day. That’s what’s remarkable, that is why dental implants have changed. I would recommend the all on four to anyone that is having any kind of gum disease, loss of teeth,.

That have illfitting dentures. Her smile is even bigger than it ever was. She went home, she didn’t have to take things in and out, she didn’t have to use glue any more. She got off all the pain medicine. She was a completely different person. I enjoy going out more, I’m not worried about what people you know think and being uncomfortable with the dentures. I feel more confident. My husband and I go and do things that before I didn’t want to do because I was more comfortable at home with my dentures out. We got to change.

Her teeth to be exactly like what she wanted. It’s a great treatment for patients who want to go home with teeth or who can’t tolerate dentures. It’s an amazing thing that we can do with dental implants nowadays. Best Docs Network DFW is brought to you by Forest Park Medical Center, welcome to the 21st century of cutting edge medicine, Forest Park Medical Center. That will do it, that’ll wrap up another edition of the Best Docs Network featuring some of the best doctors as well as procedures in the Dallas, Fort Worth area.

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