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Thyroid Surgery Definition

Thyroid Surgery, Thyroid Cancer Treament Surgeon. When a patient comes to the office with either a thyroid nodule or thyroid cancer, the first thing to do is to gather all the information to make sure we have everything available. If there is no diagnosis and they’re just presenting with a nodule, obviously the first thing to do is to do a fine needle aspiration or a biopsy to diagnose what kind of nodule that is, if there is a cancerous process in it. If the patient does have a cancer who has come in with that diagnosis then we need to.

Get all the information from the patient in terms of imaging studies, ultrasound, cat scans or MRI’s as well as pathology reports to review it, to decide what needs to be done next. Blood tests are also important to see before the surgery so that we can assure that the patient is ready for the procedure. Once we’ve did, we’ve made all the appropriate diagnosis and we’ve got together all that information then we will decide what kind of surgery needs to be done in terms of the hemithyroidectomy or removing half of the thyroid, the total which is removing the whole thing or removing.

A lymph nodes in and around that area as well. Recovery from thyroid surgery is much easier because the surgery is non traumatic, it isn’t on an internal organ that works on a daily basis with us, so patients immediately start to speak, eat, walk around and be able to function fairly well. For the 1st week to 10 days there are often times very tired and fatigue because they’re using all their resources to heal from the surgery, but after that their energy level comes back to close to normal. The close follow up is really required with.

Thyroid Surgery in Los Angeles Thyroid Cancer Treatment by Dr. Larian

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