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Thyroid Surgery Denver

Once the patient who’s had neck surgery or cervical surgery is out of the collar then we want to start range of motion gentle easy range of motion and these exercises are simply called yes no’s with yes no’s we’re going to have the patient go as far as they can in one direction until it becomes a little pressurized not painful not uncomfortable but stiff they go down as far as they can and then they’ll be able to go the other direction the opposite again as far as they can and they continue to do this for a set of ten to twenty.

And then they’ll switch to the opposite direction so the first is obviously the yes she’s going to bring her head down and back as far as she can without having pain or discomfort we want to go to the point of stiffness and over a period of time she’ll be able to increase that range of motion some of the range of motion will be increased initially while she does this and at other points she will be able to increase it over a period of days so as she does the yes’s she’ll be able to stretch those contracted muscles.

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