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Thyroid Surgery Drain

Ahhhhhh. Alright, so we may look like crazy, crazy people out here in San Diego but what we’re doing is we’re stimulating our lymph system. If we are on trampoline we’re jumping up and down right That would get your lymph going and what your heart does is it pumps you blood right Your lymph system, you need to move it to get it going. And that’s exactly what the lymph does. Its’ actually two times bigger than your circulatory system so you actually have more lymph moving around. It’s like, what is it Uh, like water in.

Your body Sheree Yes. This is Sheree by the way. Hi! You probably seen her on other tutorials. She’s our editorial director here at FitLife TV. She manages how many writers 181. Hundred and eighty one writers. May be you wanna be a writer at the end of this but Sheree is gonna the lymphatic system today. She’s helped herself heal from multiple autoimmune disorders. And she’s gonna talk about the lymphatic system with me. So this whole thing was inspired by one of our writers, Greg Ashby 3day lymphatic cleanse. Which is awesome.

Did really well and it’s really simple. Well essentially the lymphatic system without movement, its stay static right Stuck like this. So any toxin that is coming in your body ay it be food, emotional, any type of stress is gonna stay within the body. So in less week go ahead and get things moving. Move right Yep mind, body and spirit it’s all connected right We say stuck. So we got some tips for you, 11 of them. 11 things. Number one, you’ve seen the tutorials in the past, warm water, apple cider vinegar first.

11 Ways To Reduce Inflammation, Improve Your Immunity and Cleanse Your Lymphatic System

Thing in the morning is gonna help you move that. You can put lemon in the water too whatever you want and then number two. Number two is clean up your diet. So get rid of the refined sugar, processed food, sodas, abundance of caffeine with loaded cream and sugar and all of that stuff and replace it with more veggies, more fruit, more quality protein, healthy fats. Yeah. Avocado. Number three is regular nutritional and detoxing and colon cleansers. I actually personally do one or two coffee enemas per week and that really helps get.

The colon moving as well. Number four is investigating food sensitivities and allergies. There are two main tests that you really wanna pay attention to which is IgE and IgG. The ones that they usually remember doctors the IgE and you wanna think of code as IgE as in Emediate. Those are gonna be like anaphylactic shock things like that. IgG is gonna be more a release response where that can last up to 72 hours. So if you eat something and you don’t recognize that unnecessarily affects you, 72 hours later you could be having those effect. So it’s.

Really important to create that awareness to be able to recognize. Cool. What you are putting in your body. Number five, don’t be afraid to sweat. Got to get out, move, go to the gym, do some chi gong whatever it is move that lymph. Infrared saunas are great thing for that. Number six is examine your emotional issues. Maybe you had something that happen in the past, a little trauma that you are holding on to, forms blockages in your organs, your organs get stuck, your lymph system get stuck. One of the things that I.

Have done recently is cranial sacral therapy, absolutely a big fan. Number seven is breathing deeply. Again this goes back to the emotional and also getting things smoothly, clearing your mind, creating that unstuckness in your body. They wish to take a deep breath. Breathe out. Number eight is gentle massage. Massage can actually push out 78 percent of the lymphatic stuckness that you have in your body. Pretty cool right Alright so number nine is spicy food. One of my favorite things, cayenne pepper, load your food up, gets that lymph going.

Number ten is hot and cold shower. So get on the shower, turn it on really hot for about 30 minutes, no not 30 minutes, 30 seconds. 30 minutes That’s a long shower. Haha. And switched it off to cold for another 30 seconds, alternating for a few minutes is great for the lymphatics. So just like this hot, cold, hot, cold. In the beginning you’re not gonna like it but your body is gonna love it. And the last one, last but not the least, lucky number 11 is dry skin brushing. You may have seen a tutorial before where you actually.

Take the brush upwards like this, straight all the way, pull it in towards your heart, your arms, keep pulling in circular motion. You can get a skin brush on Amazon or at Whole Foods or wherever you are. I love it. That’s one of my favorite things to do right Yeah, super easy. Really effective. Bonus one is gargle salt water. Epson salt helps you get rid of it. Maybe as a kid your parents had you do this. It’s actually really healthy for you, gets rid of the bacteria in your mouth. So those are the 11 plus the bonus.

Things that you can do to clean your lymphatic system. So very important. Yeah. We want you to be healthy, Sheree wants you to be healthy. I do. So how, if they wanna write for FitLife Yep. Writers are getting clients, coaching clients stuff like that. Yeah absolutely. What do they do I will post the link below and fill up the application, send me your writing pieces and I’ll be in touch with you. If you’re watching on YouTube make your way over the blog, FitLife TV. If you are on Facebook same thing check out the link.

She’s talking about. Yeah. We’re gonna give away a juicer next. We pull up the juicer winner Let’s do it. This week’s juicer winner is Jennifer Campbell. Jennifer has been using blended drinks for weekend detoxes and adding turmeric to help her daughter as well. We’re sending Jennifer a brand new Kuving’s juicer. Congratulations Jennifer! Thank you so much my friends for watching this week’s Saturday Strategy. Thanks Sheree for coming on teaching about the lymphatic system. Leave a comment below this week’s tutorial and let us know what you wanna hear about next. It’s important that we listen.

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