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Thyroid Surgery Ent Or Endocrinologist

Dr. Larian In the past, the way the surgery was done for parathyroid was to make a large incision in the lower neck and finding all 4 parathyroid glands and removing the largest one. Or removing all 4 glands if all 4 appeared to be diseased That was the tradition of the surgery. Nowadays, since we have the newer technology that helps us find which gland is the guilty one, if we have only one gland being the problematic one, we can make the incision a small one, a 2 to 3 cm incision, roughly an inch over.

The problematic gland and just remove that. This is a accompanied by doing other tests during the surgery, most specifically, the intraoperative PTH level which is measurement of the parathyroid hormone level immediately in the operating room so that when you remove the guilty gland, you can immediately check to see if the parathyroid hormone level has dropped to a normal level, which confirms the fact that this is the gland that’s guilty and that there’s only one gland being the problem. Sometimes the tests can say that there’s only one gland involved, whereas more than one.

Gland can really be problematic. And the intraoperative PTH level can help us find those patients. So during the procedure when we remove on gland, if the parathyroid hormone level still remains high then you know that the other glands are involved with the problem, and you can go ahead, proceed with treating the other glands as well. Recovery from parathyroid surgery is very easy. In the cases of the minimally invasive procedure patients go home the same day, especially if the calcium levels were not tremendously elevated before the operation. Oftentimes, they have to take calcium supplements in the.

Parathyroid Surgery Treatment Los Angeles ENT Dr. Babak Larian

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