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Thyroid Surgery Expectations

Hi, I’m Jean Kassem. I am an ophthalmologist and I specialize in neuroophthalmology, orbital surgery, and oculoplastics. Orbital disease and oculoplastics is the specialty that has to do with the structures around the eye, including the eye socket and the eye lids and the tear drainage pathway. And neuroopthalmology has to do with the nervous system and the brain and how they affect vision. These two systems are very intermingled and I think it’s a great benefit to have training in both of these so that you can deal with the problems that arise in the orbit and the.

Eye socket from neurological disease. I became fascinated with the eye because I was kind of into photography as a child and in my science class I learned that the eye was very similar to a camera and I just think that vision is one of our most important senses, and it’s a precious thing. So, before I went into medical school I decided that’s what I wanted to do. When I started medical school, I thought, you know, you haven’t really looked into everything else yet, let’s just keep an open.

Mind and look into all the different subspecialties and I did, and I stuck with ophthalmology. Coming from a neuroophthalmology background and an oculoplastics and orbital surgery background gives me the opportunity to treat patients with certain diseases that would have to go to a different doctor normally. For example, optic nerve sheath fenistration. Normally a neuroopthalmologist would see somebody who has a problem with the optic nerve and refer them out for surgery on the optic nerve, but I can perform that procedure as well as treat the underlying problem medically.

Jean Kassem, MD, NeuroOphthalmology Specialist

Patients also seek me out for general eyelid problems, tearing, and I can treat conditions ranging from problems of the eye socket that just need to be treated medically like Grave’s disease or in more severe cases problems that require surgery of the eye socket, also problems with tearing, eyelid malpositions and optic nerve disorders. One of my strengths in patient care is communication, and that comes from the fact that my parents both spoke foreign languages in the home when I was a child, and they were both different foreign languages. So I think I developed the ability to listen well and communicate.

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