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Thyroid Surgery Germany

20 Years Old, Want Lower Bleph for Hereditary Eye Bags. What Are Best Options, Are Risks the Same at my Age I have had these bags since I was 12. I do not have any allergies and my thyroid is in excellent condition according to tests my doctor has done. Is 20 too young for lower bleph in my case Since I am young, am I still as at risk for creepywrinkly skin in the eye area after surgery How worried should I be about sagging lower lidsclera showother complications What would be the best way to remove these.

Thank you for your question! At the age of 20, you made a very nice observation that you’ve had bags under your eyes since the age of 12. And the question you’re asking about is whether or not you should consider having a procedure done and are you at risk for the creepy quality of skin or wrinkles after the surgery. Well, many of my patients who come to me in their 30s or older will mention that they’ve had bags under their eyes since they were teenagers. Essentially, enforces the concept.

That very often this is a hereditary problem and that people have a genetic tendency to have these fat pockets under their eyes. So, to answer your first question if whether or not you’re a candidate at the age of 20, I can share with you that one of my patients who is the youngest patient we’ve ever done for bags under the eyes was actually 14 years old. So for him, the bags under his eyes were so significant that he was being teased in school that he was potentially on drugs and became very withdrawn about this particular.

Why Skin Quality is Not Affected by Eye Bag Removal Surgery

Aspect of his appearance. So, we’ve done this type of surgery for people who are young like you. 20’s or 30’s is typical of the younger group who does this procedure. Most likely the approach I would do for you would a transconjunctival blepharoplasty. That means that we are able to get to the fat pockets and reduce them from the inside of the eyelids. Now, what we’re doing essentially is dealing with the herniated fat, the fat that’s pushed forward and causing those bulges to appear. When we do this reduction from.

The inside of the eyelid, essentially no one could ever tell that you had surgery. So that would be typical in my practice for someone who’s young. Also, when you are young, you have many good things going for you. One of which is good quality of skin. So you are really not at risk for any creepiness or wrinkling of the skin unlike somebody who is older whose had a lot of sun exposure, let’s say, somebody who’s in their 40’s or 50’s where I would routinely employ laser and other things to improve skin quality.

In your situation, at the age of 20 with your skin type, I would probably do nothing. I would just take out the fat pockets in a way that is appropriate for you and after that’s resolved, you would basically going on with your life without paying much attention to this area. It doesn’t stop the aging process but as far as that herniated fat, transconjunctival blepharoplasty is pretty clearly what would be right for you. You could certainly wait for any threshold in terms of your readiness but it is certainly fine to do this at this.

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