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Thyroid Surgery Hiding The Scar

My eyes have started to become uneven. As a woman, it really affects my selfconfidence. I don’t know if it’s because of a poor botox or it is because of the M.S. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to correct it. I read the other article about the same issue I thought my picture would explain more. Thank you for your question! You stated in your question that your eyes are becoming more uneven and you submitted a single photo. You mentioned that you have MS and of course, you’re looking for some.

Kind of guidance. Well, when I look at your photo, it appears to me is that your right eye appears to be more prominent and that it is becoming a little wider compared to the left eye. Now, when I see a photo like this, my concern is whether or not you have something called thyroidrelated immune orbitopathy otherwise referred to as Grave’s disease. I’m a board certified cosmetic surgeon, background training in ophthalmology or eye surgery plus oculoplastic surgery of the eyelid, orbits and lacrimal system and thyroid eye disease is something that we treat a lot. What this has to do is with an antibody, the.

Fact that you have MS which falls in the autoimmune category, there is some possibility that you may be manifesting another immune related issue. So I think that before you consider any kind of cosmetic procedures that you see first your medical doctor as well as an ophthalmologist and even an endocrinologist to determine what is going on in your thyroid in any addition to any ophthalmic, things that are based on your eyes and the physiology. You may need some imaging studies. But I would say you cannot pursue any cosmetic procedure given that there is this shift and change in your.

Thyroid Problems can Cause Uneven Eyes Diagnosis and Eye Surgery Important Before Cosmetic Surgery

Appearance. Again, the thing I can’t say is what degree of this change because you submitted a single photo. If you submitted a photo of you 5 years ago, a year ago and this photo and there was a clear change and it makes more sense. But the fact that your eyes, there’s a real change in the eyes that’s not typical, agerelated changes that we deal with so commonly, it’s important to get the medical workup first. We’ve treated a lot of thyroid eye disease and we’ve been able to help people in their.

Inflammatory stage and then do definitive surgery to help with issues related to eyelid retraction where the eyes are too open or even do surgery behind the eye to get the eyeball to push inward. But again, this is getting ahead of ourselves. It’s more important that you get yourself properly diagnosed and get proper medical management before you do something surgically. When it comes to thyroid eye disease, we typically wait 6 months to a year after stability of the eye changes before we do any kind of surgery. So again, meet with your doctor. Meet with an ophthalmologist, endocrinologist. Get some.

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