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Thyroid Surgery Hong Kong

On February 2, 2006 Anita Moor Jani was in intensive care in a hospital in Hong Kong. She was in a coma. Her body was literally demolished by Hodgkin’s disease. On March 26, 2006 Moor Jani danced and she drank champagne at a wedding. On July 2006 she was healthy again. It felt to her as if she had left her body during the coma, Writes Epoch Times. In her book, Dying to be Me she writes that she could follow a conversation between her husband and a doctor clearly while her body was more than 10 meters away. She felt relieved.

Of the suffering and had arrived in another dimension where she was overwhelmed by love. She had a choice return or die. I knew that my body would heal very quickly as I would choose life. I knew I would see after a few days change, she wrote. And that exactly what happened when she awoke from the coma. She also knew because of her fear she had cancer and that love would heal. If people are being treated for illnesses, the disease is only removed from the body, not from their.

Energy, and so often the disease will return, she said. I realized that I would have a very healthy energy If i would go back. Professor Peter Ko of the University of California wanted to investigate the rapid restoration of Moor Jani. He was given access to her medical records and concluded Her recovery was certainly startling. I can not attribute her recovery to chemotherapy. Write in the comment box below, your thoughts, it really counts. Also oncologist Jeffrey Long of Louisiana responded to the story of Moor Jani As a physician who treats cancer I am very fascinated.

Spiritual NearDeath Experience Cured Woman of Cancer

By the impressive Anita’s recovery. In the literature on neardeath experiences are more such cases of inexplicable cures after a neardeath experience. I hope that more research comes into this fascinating aspect of neardeath experiences. Ko told the South China Morning Post I have trouble with terms like miraculous healing and spontaneous remission, but her recovery was certainly striking. Her mind or body has apparently been able to send a message to the cancer cells and to turn off the mutated cells. Chemotherapy works well against Hodgkin’s, but I’ve never seen.

Something like this. I will provide a link in the description box If you want to read her book. Do you believe there is more between heaven and earth Tell why in the comment section below. For the full news article click the label in the top right corner now. For more info open up the description box below this tutorial. the RED fancy subscribe button to make sure you never miss the daily alternative news they don’t want you to know. Please support me by using the share buttons. Thanks in advance and God bless you.

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