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Thyroid Surgery In Dubai

The moment they did the CT scan, they showed us the screens of this. And they’re saying to us, there is a tumor at the back of his head. And it was a big, sudden change in our life. I felt it very deep in my heart what was very difficult time. I never thought I would be feeling or going through such a thing. But it was really very, very hard for me, actually. It’s a brain tumor. It’s not in the leg or somewhere. And we need to remove it.

But the most important thing that it was going in my mind that where to do this operation Where is the best place to do this operation We found out that Boston Children’s Hospital was ranked as number one. Dr. Cohen was a very experienced doctor. He made us trust him. And we felt that he’s in hands. From the very beginning we reached the hospital, we felt a real relief. We’re going to operate to remove this big tumor in the back of the brain to find out what it is and get it out.

To make the operation safer, we’re doing this an MROR. We actually have an MRI scanner in the operating room. And when we take out what we think has been most or all of the tumor, we can take a scan here to make sure we haven’t left anything. So we won’t injure the brain. It looks like we’ve got the whole tumor out. But we’re going to get an MRI scan right here in the operating room to make sure we got everything out. And the preliminary biopsy and astrocytoma, a low grade tumor.

Dubai to Boston Khalids international journey to remove his brain tumor

We think this is going to be a benign tumor. We’ve just got the intraoperative MRI. And here is before. Here is the tumor. And now it shows that we’ve got the tumor out. So now we feel comfortable that we removed the tumor. Then we can close. And we don’t have to do another scan, because this scan shows that we got the tumor out. That’s the advantage of intraoperative MRI. It takes the guesswork out of the operation. Operation is over. And everything went OK. We sent it for pathology, for a biopsy.

The biopsy was good. It comes as an astrocytoma, a low grade tumor. This is what we were hoping for. I think I was blessed to be able to come to this hospital. I wouldn’t think this would be the case if we go for the operation there in Dubai. We are hoping for the best for him, that we’ll go back to our place, our home, happily again. He can go to school again, meet his friends without any issues. And thanks to Dr. Cohen for taking good care of him.

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