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Thyroid Surgery Ireland

The Tutorial you’re about to see in Le Havre and all the hospital facilities for bariatric surgery are organized by Laser Clinic in France from the moment you were collected in paris by the limousine taxi services to the moment you were taken back to Paris for your return journey back to the UK laser clinic in France has organized everything for your bariatric surgery and are contactable 247 hello my name is Tullia Law of Laser clinic in France first of all i’d like to tell you about the hospital the hospital is the largest French NHS hospital in.

France over 2,000 beds or in private rooms with their own bathroom and if you bring anybody with you they can be in the same room with you for one or two nights depending the operation, that’s how long you own in the hospital so you needn’t be on your own, you’ve got a very very good Bariatric surgeon and his team looking at you and all the nurses and everybody speaks English the hotel you’re in the hotel for two persons for you and whoever acompanies you bed and breakfasts again no extra charge.

When our taxi service picks you up at either at Paris Airport or maybe Eurostar terminal in paris they bring you to the hotel and everything is provided for you it’s a full package you have nothing to worry about at all, all you have to do is get to Paris and leave the rest to us all I can say is please take the opportunity of looking at this tutorial and doing something that you probably wanting to do for a very long time and that is to take a positive view of any.

Weight Loss Surgery in France Testimonials

Weight loss issues that you’ve got and now you’ve got the opportunity to have something done at affordable prices we look at you from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave us, you’v got absolutely nothing to worry about because the bariatric surgeon and hospital are second to none for the after care that they gave to all the patients irrespective of whether you’re from the UK or anywhere else it is part of the team that works with our bariatric surgeon and gives you the best care that you can have.

I have no living memory of being normal weight, I think I’ve always been associated with being overweight and facts into the age of eight that’s not been assisted by an underactive thyroid which I was diagnosed with in my mid thirties but ultimately I have always had a weight problem as long as I can remember ever since then I have had a life of a roller coaster where as and when my mind that was in the right place I could lose weight but then I would put it all back on and a bit more I decided.

In December that enough was enough and after much research on the internet decided to go ahead with the surgery it’s something I have considered for many many years but ultimately haven’t gone ahead with the decision because you hear so many bad stories and costs in itself is obviously a problem for most people I made inquiries on the internet as to where to go on the basis that I knew the cost in England without to my price range and I found the Laser Clinic on the internet and underwent gastric sleeve on the 4th of February this year.

And I haven’t looked back since I am Sheila and I decided to have gastric sleeve after trying various diets I think I’ve tried every diet in existence and as I’ve lost weight and you know you can lose it but the way it goes back on plus more and health issues we’re coming into existence and decided that the gastric sleeve was the best option for me my life after surgery has been unrecognizable I work full time as a family law solicitor and I’m also foster care to children my husband works.

Offshore three and three so six months of the year I’m a single parent of three children plus work so lifes very hectic and a lot of energy is needed presurgery I was always tired I was very lethargic I also have an underactive thyroid which made things very difficult for me to have the energy to do what was necessary for the children for work and just get everything done and that’s been the most significant change postsurgery the energy is coming from losing so much weight has enabled me to do so much more.

With the children life is much easier having the energy to do those things you really restricted what activities you could do with the children and now you’re far more interactive with the children’s social life so it’s even to the point where you don’t want to be an embarrassment to your children when you go out with them ride you feel embarrassed about going swimming you’re worried about what your children think of you let alone public think of you and you know when you’re that big and you have this stigma and society has that stigma about large.

People you do and that was another motivation for wanting the surgery so that my daughter could actually be proud of me and it’s lovely now to have the compliments from friends compliments from your children that you look good look better let alone feeling that yourself it’s a different world being able to go shopping and walk into any shop and know that you can buy thing this is a really satisfying experience psychologically you still in fat mindset that you pick up clothes thinking they won’t fit but the pleasure you get from going into the changing room and coming out with.

The dress fitting is phenomenal it’s just a different world and my only regret is I didn’t have it done ten years ago since having surgery gastric sleeve surgery in February my life has changed completely before surgery I was very conscious of my weight and wanted to hide away didn’t really want to be with people the more I could hide the better I wouldn’t I never wanted to go out in public I thought I was an embarrassment to my family because of the size that I was but since having surgery obviously the weight loss is a big boost and being.

Able to walk out with the family like girls tell me that they’re proud of me you don’t fail and embarrassment to your family that they say i never was but to me and being able to have the confidence to walk out with them and know that they’re proud of me I’ve had lots of compliments work on how much weight I’ve lost and i have been quite happy to tell them how I’ve lost the weight which I wouldn’t dream of ever doing before february and walking into shops in buying clothes.

Think so yeah it’s a huge boost and definitely the best thing I’ve done to me a whole different person The Five Star service started as soon as I made the enquiry to the Laser Clinic and from there in it was a seamless transition as seamless package of five star treatment really could not fault the whole process from start to finish initially had a phone call from Tullia after making the request for the surgery and expertise telephone various questions make sure that your ok for the surgery basically left into his hands and absolutely fantastic and they can all.

The arrangements ready for surgery on the 4th of February there is obviously something so I T and hesitation about having to pay the money up front then that is a real experience because it’s a lot of money to pay out there something that is broad and unknown to you until you actually arrived in France and that first chauffeur arrives to pick you are it’s only then you breathe a sigh of relief that it’s a genuine package but to the value of money that you get the banks of money that you get to the quality of stuff is unsurpassable.

It’s not just from one or two people it’s from the hotel staff to the nurses then the aneasthetist to the surgeon, even the taxi driver everybody was there when they were supposed to be and it was top class service literally it was faultless and you know you really can’t believe that the quality of service that you get the price that you pay I think what’s an added bonus as well is that they allow you to bring a partner to travel with you and they pay for that partner which.

Is good because my husband traveled with us and effectively he looked after us while we were in hospital and in the hotel and I think that’s an additional expense that you wouldn’t expect for such a service was nice he was allowed to stay at the hospital with us so I wasn’t separated you’ve got to remember when you going to this surgery it’s not just the experience of you having the surgery there is an impact on your family there will be an impact on your spouse who gets very.

Nervous and perhaps insecure about what you’re going through let alone worried about the risks of surgery itself it’s a real family experience that you’ve got to bring everybody into because there are repercussions for everyone but on the main that their positive repercussions of wouldn’t hesitate to recommend and indeed I have recommended it to at least half a dozen people and when people make inquiries about how I’ve lost so much weight I’m confident to tell them and not embarrassed to tell them how I lost it and really recommend.

The product of them if it’s something that they were interested in I was highly recommend wouldn’t have any hesitation at all to recommend this company Its absolutely fantastic treatment if you got worries you can ask questions and you will get answers, there is really absolutely nothing to worry about the treatment you get is phenomenal now that you see the tutorial hopefully you’ve been able to see and appreciate what we’re offering you it’s not just a question of losing weight but it’s also a question of lifestyle and maybe health issues let us help you so please don’t hesitate.

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