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Thyroid Surgery Jobs

Q10 I’m taking my CPC exam in April, do you know if I can use my CPT A No, no, no. Alicia No. Laureen Do not use old manuals. Can you Yes. Should you No. Alicia No. Laureen You’re paying $300, why do you want to risk having to go take it again. And many, many people are missing the exam by two points, so if you’re using old manuals the chances of that being new are very great. You’re better off investing in a new manual than having to pay to take the exam again.

That being said, for this year you can get away with a 2013 ICD9 because the codes are basically frozen. There’re no new codes for this year, and I don’t know if they could do that for 2012 as well. Did we have that many changes for 2013 ICD9 I don’t think that many, but definitely CPT you need to have current year. Alicia Yeah. Laureen Q11 Are there any remote jobs for apprentice coders A There are. They’re very hard to find. That’s why we’re excited about Practicode and with Practicode they don’t care if you have the A after your credential. What.

They care about is your proficiency. When you log into Practicode and you start coding those practice cases your scores is going to be horrible at first. Overtime, with practice, especially when you stay in one area of focus like radiology, or family practice, or cardiology, you will become proficient at that particular specialty and then you go and you apply for a job with Aviacode and say, Hey, by the way I’m a Practicode user and this is my proficiency score. They will pay more attention to that than the fact that you don’t have.

Medical Coding From Home Jobs Advice CPC Exam Tips

Experience, and that you’re an apprentice. Because really, that’s what matters is how well you can code, not the fact that you might have 10 years experience because maybe you’re just a horrible coder and you’ve been doing it for 10 years badly laughs. That’s what we’re currently recommending and that kind of answers question 21 too. Q12 How can you get experience A It’s just like any field that you get into. You got to get that first job, and it’s always the hardest because most employers want people with experience, you would too.

If you were the employer. It doesn’t mean that there aren’t jobs out there that don’t take a chance on a new person. And that ebook that we have that talk about getting that first job, we highly recommend that, it’s free. We had our writer go out and interview people that were looking for coders in different areas billing companies, doctor’s offices, hospitals and basically we went down the chain of what is it about a cover letter that will get your attention to read someone’s resume. What was it about the resume that.

Would get you to call them in for an interview What is it about an interview that would have you hire them even if they didn’t have experience There are lots of nuggets in there. My biggest takeaway from it is make sure your cover letter matches the job. Don’t have it be a canned cover letter. If you say, I’m really excited about the possibility with the position with ABC Clinic. I’ve heard great things about you, my father went there, it’s just something that you could tie it into, you actually really are tying.

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