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Thyroid Surgery Kerala

Dr. Larian Allergies are very common in the nose area. Our environment has a lot of material in it that people can become sensitive to and that really is an allergy an overreaction to something in our environment. When you overreact to something, in the environment, what happens to your nose is that it can swell up and produce secretions, the mucous that ends up in the nose, just like when you have a cold that’s a reaction to a virus. People with allergies will constantly have this problem when they have a runny nose,.

Swelling and difficulty breathing and mucous dripping down in the back of their throat. The problem that arise from allergies besides the nuisance of these sensations is the fact that the sinuses, which are cavities in our nose next to our nose that have tiny openings into our nose, can get blocked too, from the swelling. The opening to the sinuses is very small and narrow and ant swelling in the nose can obstruct that opening and cause the mucous that’s in the sinus to collect and get infected. When a patient comes to the office with sinus problems or allergy problems, the first thing.

That we do is to get them a history, to see how extensive is their problem, how long have they been having it, or if we can figure out just by talking to them what’s leading to the problem. Once we figure out these isolated issues then we move on to doing an exam. Then we try to come up with a treatment protocol to treat the allergies and then the sinuses themselves. Allergies are treated mostly by conservative measures first air filters mattress and pillow covers, getting the rooms, the house cleaner.

Allergy and Sinus Surgery Performed in Los Angeles by Dr. Larian

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