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Thyroid Surgery Lobectomy

Laureen You guys, I think you’re going to like this, for those who have not taken the board exam, the next two slides are taken from CCO Practice Exam. Thyroidectomy Practice Exam Question As I’m reading it, think about what you think the answers before I go into what the answer is. Q A patient has the lower portion of the right lobe of the thyroid as well as the lower 13 of the left lobe and the isthmus the little connecting thing in the middle excised. What CPT codes are reported A I might have had a poll. So, you see the answers A 6024052.

and I have it on the slide, that’s a total or complete thyroidectomy. B 60212 x2 so two units of it, that’s a partial thyroidectomy, unilateral with contralateral subtotal lobectomy, including isthmusectomy. C 60210LT, 60210RT 60210 is a partial thyroid lobectomy, unilateral with or without isthmusectomy. D 60212, which is the one that we read before, but it’s only one unit of it. What do you think it is A, B, C, or D And I’m going to launch a poll. You can pop in your answer. We’re going to try and do more of these. Whoa! The votes are flying.

In! You guys like this. What do you think it is And don’t worry, we’re not going to come after if you get it wrong. This is a screen print that I got from SuperCoder, I like when you put in a range of codes and then you can kind of show them stacked on top of each other. If only we could do that in the real board exam, take in our encoders, right 54 voted. Come on, I know you’re out there, take a guess. In the board exam.

CCO CPC Exam Exercises Thyroidectomy Practice Exam Question

And the proctor said, You have two seconds left. I’m going to close it down in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 So, 52 said it was answer C and a few fell for A, 17 said B and 26 said D. Let’s break it down here’s the rationale as it’s given if this was a practice exam that you purchased. It would tell you in the CPT Index, look for thyroidectomy, then go to partial. Only the lower half of the right lobe and the lower third of the left lobe are excised and this points to the range 60210.

To 60225. When you turn there, CPT code 60212 reports a partial thyroidectomy for both sides and includes the removal of the isthmus. What I want to do is show you a picture right from CPT, this is what you would be looking at on the board exam is your manual. Nice little picture here. The way I like to teach this, if you picture the thyroid as a butterfly and the isthmus is in the middle of the butterfly and you have a right and left side. When you look at the code options in the range, 60210 is a partial thyroid lobectomy, unilateral.

So just one side with or without isthmusectomy. In my mind, I convert that to about onequarter of the butterfly. So it’s not a complete half, but it’s just one side, so onequarter. The indented code, 60212, with contralateral that means the opposite side, sounding close, right lobectomy including isthmusectomy. This is basically half the butterfly so a little bit of one side, a little bit of the other side. 60220 is a total thyroid lobectomy that’s on one side, again with or without isthmusectomy. To me, because it’s one whole half, that’s half the butterfly, it’s one of the lobes.

60225, indented underneath that, says with contralateral so it’s the opposite side, subtotal which just means part lobectomy so that’s threequarters of the butterfly. Finally, we’ve got the whole butterfly, 60240 that’s a thyroidectomy, total or complete. Now, with that little illustration, what do you think the answer is Contralateral means the opposite side, so we have a little bit on one side and a little bit on the other. That’s going to be your 60212. So, hopefully that little picture helped. I’m a very visual person I got to break it down that way. The.

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