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Thyroid Surgery Local Anesthetic

AUTOHEMOTHERAPY AT ACUPUNCTURE POINTS, POST ORCHIECTOMY SURGERY IN CART HORSES. EIGHT CASES REPORT. Magazine Veterinary and Animal Science. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. UNESP. 2012, December. DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION. The orchiectomies in standing position under neuroleptoanalgesy and local anesthesia did not present any complications during surgery, being considered a satisfactory procedure for submission of the animals for such approach. Autohemotherapy at acupuncture points in the postoperative of equine orchiectomies showed to be effective, without any complication or sign of interference in the welfare of animals, though there is a necessity of more studies comparing the physiological response.

Of equines submitted to autohemotherapy at acupuncture points in relationship to others submitted to conventional antibiotics and antiinflammatory after post surgical procedure, validating this protocol in equine postoperative routine on communities with poor veterinary medical approach. See also Impressive scenes of the documentary CHINA THE EMPIRE OF THE CENTER. This tutorial is available on You Tube. Also see An Akita Inu dog cured with autohemotherapy. These images prove to people that want to see with their own eyes the effectiveness of the autohemotherapy. With these apparently simple concepts, Chinese people do prodigious things.

For the eyes of western medicine, the following images are absolutely astonishing. Li Hon is 37 years old and will have her thyroid removed. The only anesthesia she will get is 4 needles spread on her arms. The needles are connected to a small generator. The electric discharge associated to the precise points where the needles are inserted, will stimulate the production of endorphin, an anaesthetic produced by the body itself. In half an hour Li Hon will no longer feel anything and will be able to be operated on painlessly.


She is sterilized. A cloth is placed between her face and throat. The operation is about to begin. The first incision is made. At any moment Li Hon will not stop being conscious with her eyes open. She arrived at the hospital with her husband, both on bikes, half an hour before the operation. She entered this room walking and lay down on a stretcher without any help. The tumour is removed. And as before Li Hon feels no pain. End of the operation. As the risks of a postoperative trauma are practically none,.

There is nothing to stop Li Hon going back home. And this is what she does. She moves to another bed and then she leaves. In three hours time Li Hon will be going back home. Keep in mind that against facts and photos there are no arguments! So your help is very IMPORTANT! Do your part by disseminating your testimony. Many people have already done. Promote your reports, surveys, photos and other documents, showing clearly that the autohemotherapy is effective and very beneficial! And so Did you like the tutorial.

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