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Thyroid Surgery London

What doctors are calling a world first, a woman sang during throat surgery while under hypnosis. 31yearold Alama Kante, who is a professional singer, underwent throat surgery in France to remove her thyroid gland. Doctors used the unconventional method of hypnosis rather than anesthetics and told her to sing throughout the operation to make sure they didn’t damage her vocal cords. I met with the anaesthetist to know how it would go and they called me afterwards to say ‘No we are not going to do it because you have a professional job with your vocal.

Cords, we can’t take the risk of sending you to sleep and perform such an operation’. So they proposed hypnosis so that I sing, so the doctor knows where to find the cords that he must not touch. Medical hypnosis allows the patient to remain awake and respond during the operation but Alama described the feeling as being in a dreamlike state. It’s an operation which happens as if you were in a dream and at the time you’re conscious of what is happening. I was in pain but it was like I was not there, I was not myself.

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