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Thyroid Surgery Major Or Minor

My name is Anna Hotop and I’m a junior and my major is religious studies with a minor in psychology. I’m from Saint Louis and so my parents kinda thought I needed to go away and kinda get that experience, but when I visited Fontbonne, I just knew this is kinda like the place for me so I chose Fontbonne and in the end, my parents were really happy that I chose it. I don’t think there could have been like a better fit for me. Last semester I was told that I had thyroid cancer.

And the surgery was the same day as exam week, which is typical, and so I went and talked to my advisor, and he was, I just couldn’t imagine being anywhere else and having to go through that, because all of my teachers were so understanding and they just, I just, I’m very thankful to have been here with that experience, so, everything’s good now and all my teachers always ask how I’m doing. They’re always like, Are you really good I’m like, yes, I’m all good. I think I was meant to be here through that experience.

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