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Thyroid Surgery Michigan

Gtgt I’m an endocrine surgeon, so my specialty is surgery on the endocrine glands which includes the thyroid, the parathyroid, the pancreas, and the adrenal gland. My interest in endocrine surgery primarily dealt with the fact that most endocrine surgery can be used to deal with or treat a problem relatively quickly and definitively, and patients are basically cured after the surgery for it. We see about 1500 patients with endocrine problems every year. That includes both patients with thyroid cancer, other types of thyroid problems that need surgery. We see a lot of patients with parathyroid problems.

We have one of the biggest centers in the United States for adrenal cancer, and then we also deal with some very rare tumors of the pancreas, which includes insulinomas, gastrinomas, as well as many genetic problems that people have, which includes endocrine tumors. My goal, at least with the clinic visit is to help us both have an understanding of what the problem is. How we think about it from a surgical standpoint as well as a medical standpoint, and really try to come up with a treatment plan for every patient which is different.

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