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Thyroid Surgery Neck Lift

Yes, we can reduce puffy eyes, face, neck and throat with our secret yoga herb. What I’m going to share with you today is a face scrub that’s going to tone and sculpt your face. We have 3 ingredients. Calamus. Calamus is an herb from India. It moves and drains lymph. A lot of the puffiness that we see in our face, that kind of water puffiness, is actually our lymph and it’s congested full of debris and toxins. And as scrub with this ingredient, it’s going to move that out of the face. It’s also going to invigorate our.

Skin and give us a lot of energy and brightness we might even see the skin get very pink cheeked and red lipped. Clay. I’m using my green clay and you can also use white or pink clay. Clay also detoxifies. It’s going to pull soot, oil, dead skin cells out of the pores and it’s also high in minerals so it’s going to mineralize or alkalize our skin. Oat Powder. I just took organic oats and I put them in the blender and I zoomed them around and they turned to powder. Oats are going to moisten and nourish the skin. Kiki’s.

Sculpting Scrub. Here’s the recipe. 1 Tablespoon Organic Calamus, and go to my store at. Kiki Flynn. com and you can buy the best most affordable organic Calamus. Aztec Green Clay. I also have a link at my store for this. ! Tablespoon Clay. Homemade Organic Oat Powder 12 a Tablespoon. One tiny fancy spoon. Now we’re going to go to the bathroom and I’m going to show you how we use this great scrub. Every morning and every night I massage my face with organic oil. You can use your new sculpting scrub once a day morning or night.

Sagging Eyes, Cheeks and Neck Lift with Sculpting Scrub Easy Tutorial

following your oil massage. Here is some organic coconut oil I also have links for that in my store. You can use this as a makeup remover or just as a moisturizer cleaner. I’m massaging, getting in the jaw, lifting, toning. If I feel like, oooh, I crunch my brow, coming up through there. Over the brow. Getting all these good pressure points. And then up the neck. We have lymph glands here so we have a gentle massage there and along the throat. Now I’m going to repeat the same motions with the calamus sculpting scrub.

It’s going to remove oil as well as toxins. I can actually already feel that invigorating warming quality of the calamus. So gently under the eyes. Gently in the eye area moving that puffiness out. Calamus has a really fragrant lovely smell and it’s used in a lot of perfumes. Sculpting. Toning. It feels great. Ok, now I’m going to run some warm water. Here’s my warm wet organic cotton face cloth. And yes, these face cloths get dirty. But they’re not disposable. I don’t use disposable things. So I just have about ten of these that I wash.

See that pinkness in the cheek That’s good. I like that. There we go. A lot of you ask me, Kiki what kind of soap do you use Kiki, do you use soap What kind of cleansers This is what I use! It is traditional in India to use oils with powders to remove them. These powders are healing, nutritious, invigorating and they actually are going to change the appearance of your skin and the tome of your face in a way that I think you’ll be very happy with. I’m going to add this recipe to my playlist for all natural skincare. Which.

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