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Thyroid Surgery Orlando

Robert Mink, Parent I am thrilled, we’ve been waiting since she was born. We actually diagnosed her ourselves, both my wife and I. Said, Hey, look, one leg is different than the other one leg is just shorter than the other.’ Nanci Mink, Parent I mean 11 years we’ve been waiting for this day. That it’s finally here is just, it’s amazing. Dr. Iobst So the way the surgery works is that we actually make a very small incision and then create a surgical fracture of the bone. The nail is inserted inside the bone.

And the nail actually has the capacity to slowly lengthen the bone and make it longer. Nurse Move the crutches forward and then do a little hop. Dr. Iobst And so about a week after the surgery, we teach the patient how to use this device. The device is placed on the limb. There’s a magnet inside the rod and there’s a magnet inside the device and they communicate with each other. And that allows the nail to actually slowly lengthen. So I’m going to turn on the machine. It’s absolutely not going to hurt.

But it is going to make a lot of noise. Madison I don’t feel anything. It’s just heavy. Nanci Well right here, the kneecaps, this one was like always up here. He said she looks outstanding, the bone, you know, is starting to grow in nicely. There’s no knee problems, there’s no hip problems. Dr. Iobst Hello young lady, how are you Hello. Madison Hi. Robert Eventually we shouldn’t be able to tell the new bone from the old one. Nanci Now that you’re down to one crutch, are you excited.

Surgical Innovation Helps Lengthen Childs Limb With Magnets Nemours Childrens Hospital

Madison Yeah, now I can walk up the stairs. Robert Hopefully we come with one crutch and leave with no crutch. Dr. Iobst No pain Leg feels great You want to get rid of that crutch Madison Yes. Dr. Iobst Madison was an ideal case. She was very vigilant with her physical therapy. She did her exercises every day at home. She maintained her knee motion and her hip motion perfect the whole time. And therefore we were able to keep lengthening until we achieved the goal without having to stop.

Nanci Madison is off crutches. Her bone has filled in perfectly. It’s strong. She just let go of the crutch and just walked. It’s amazing. It’s like she always knew what to do. Today we are here so my daughter Madison can leave her crutches at San Lazaro’s Shrine. Madison If another person needs them, they can use them. And then when they’re done with it they can pass it on to whoever needs them. Robert It’s amazing. There’s, you know, words can’t describe how I feel. Madison I feel very happy and relieved that I don’t have to walk with a limp any more.

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