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Thyroid Ultrasound And Ultrasound-guided Fna

This is a tutorial of a ultrasound guided coreneedle breast biopsy. The lesion is localized using ultrasound. Local anasthesia is injected in the biopsy site. To avoid unnecessary trauma to the skin, a small skin incision is made with a scalpel blade, prior to the biopsy. The biopsy needle is inserted in to the lesion using ultrasound guidance.

Here you can see the lesion. And this is the biopsy needle. When the biopsy gun is fired, the interior shaft of the needle is fired first, immidiatly followed by the exterior sleeve. Twentytwo millimeters in to the tissue. The biopsy material is placed in an indentation in the interior shaft. The material is placed in formalin, for pathological analysis.

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