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Thyroid Ultrasound Echogenicity

Follow the EchoStim Echogenic Insulated Needle

Here is a brief demonstration of the EchoStim Echogenic Insulated Needle’s exceptional visibility. Watch the upper right quadrant of the image. Note how easily you can spot the needle tip as it enters the phantom en route to its target. For more information about this and other specialty needles, please contact Sharn Anesthesia.

Koreans spend over 14 billion a year on thyroid cancer tests

Koreans spend a whopping 1point4 billion U.S. dollars a year testing for thyroid cancer using ultrasound screening. The National Evidencebased Healthcare Collaborating Agency got the figure through a survey of s nationwide. Thyroid cancer is the most common type of cancer in Korea,. but it’s also at the center of a debate about whether it is overdiagnosed.

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